Weekly Moviestarplanet Fan Post!

Wednesdays are now our day to celebrate the MSP community. Every Wednesday, we will be sharing various fan art and fan fiction. So if you have anything that you would like to share, with the chance of getting it featured in next weeks fan post, please post a link in the comments with your MSP name.

So first up I’ll be sharing some of my favorite Moviestarplanet fanart that I’ve come across this week.

Here is starmsp’s timelapse drawing of stylelover3, it’s really fun to watch and the artist has quite a talent.



This is a really awesome drawing by LauraPhilippeau, she plays on the French MSP. (She shares other various pictures from her MSP life on her deviantart so go check her out and show some support to a fellow member of the Moviestarplanet community!)


Here is a really awesome piece done by Psylvia of Phyllalia and Noisette. It’s totally cute and really well done. (She also has a deviantart where you can check out her incredible talent )


The fanfic of the week award goes to Ultimate_Fanfic for her ongoing story “Locked in MovieStarPlanet.”

It’s  a really interesting story about a girl who gets somehow trapped within the game. If you’d like to read the story, check it out here


Don’t forget, if you want to see something of your own posted here next week, names and links in the comments and I’ll pick out my favorites!

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