Games Like Moviestarplanet 2018

Are you looking for some more great games like MovieStarPlanet? We are going to tell you about five games that are like MSP that you should definitely check out. Before we get to our list of the best alternatives to MovieStarPlanet, we thought we would tell you a little bit more about the game itself.

MovieStarPlanet is a game where you can dress up your movie star avatar and make movies. If you want to become famous and love the camera, then you will love this game. This online virtual world allows you to make new friends, make cool movies, and gain fame to become an A-list celebrity.

In MovieStarPlanet, you also can play games, chat with people from all over the world, and even take part in fashion shows. You can have a ton of social interaction in this game, all the while moving up the celebrity ladder and have people begging for your autograph. Becoming a movie star never seemed like such a possibility until this game, and it is really fun.

This game was specifically designed for pre-teens and teenagers, but people from all age groups really love this online virtual world. Enough about MSP though, here are five great games like MovieStarPlanet that we think you also will enjoy.

Games Like MSP in 2018 – Similar Alternatives


If you like playing games, meeting new people, and chatting with friends, then you will love IMVU. IMVU is very similar to MovieStarPlanet in terms of how you can dress up your avatar in different outfits, including hats, glasses, and clothing. IMVU is an online virtual world that allows you to do tons of things, such as joining parties and creating groups. If you love the addictive interactive element of MSP, then IMVU is the game to check out.

Did we mention you can play mini-games in IMVU? The avatars are all in 3D and look similar to the avatars used in MovieStarPlanet, although the ones in IMVU are a little more edgy. You can play IMVU from your browser or you can download the iOS or Android app and begin playing today.


Smeet is also one of the games like MovieStarPlanet that you probably will enjoy if you love virtual online worlds. You can play Smeet right from your browser and it offers you the same fun fantasy elements of MSP. You can sign-up for a free account and then use a character that you have picked out. The best part is that you can dress up your character in various outfits and accessories, which is also a similarity to MovieStarPlanet.

With Smeet, you can play games, chat with your friends, and meet new friends. Just like with MovieStarPlanet, there are many ways to engage and interact with other people. You also can choose to just play games solo if you want to just be by yourself for a while. There is also a house in the game and you can decorate your house and then invite your new friends over to hang out.


When it comes to games like MovieStarPlanet, YoVille, which is also known now as YoWorld, is one of the closest games out there in terms of being a really fun virtual world. In this game, there is the ability to meet new friends and also play games. There is a life-simulation element to this game, which also makes it stand out among other similar games.

You can also change your avatar to fit your own looks and personality. If you want to get a job, you can do that in this game too, along with design or build your own house. Speaking of the house, you have to decorate it and get furniture for it as well. Once you have the house setup, you also are able to invite your new friends over to the house. There are items that you can use to dress up your avatar too, and even accessories for your avatar.


ourWorld is one of the top games like MovieStarPlanet available right now. This is a very fun virtual world for teenagers and pre-teens. There are many events and games in ourWorld and you can even create and dress up your own avatar. If you win the games, you will earn prizes and these prizes can unlock cool items for your avatar.

The graphics are similar to MSP as well, with a lot of 3D graphics and animations. There are several locations you can go to in this game and you can also move up the ranks in the game just like in MovieStarPlanet.


Lastly, on our list of games like MovieStarPlanet, we have SmallWorlds. This is also a browser-based game that is part virtual world and part social-networking MMORPG. In SmallWorlds, you are able to explore the world, meaning you can interact and socialize with people from various locations. One thing that sets SmallWorlds apart is that there is a cool integration with other social sites, including YouTube. You can go over to YouTube and watch the videos through the television module from within the game itself, which is pretty cool.

There are parental controls in the game and a safe chat, which makes SmallWorlds a great game for the younger audience out there. With more than 20 million users, SmallWorlds offers a ton of cool activities and events. Parties, trading with other players, games, crafts and building, and just general chatting with other people are all part of this game.

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