Moviestarplanet Elite VIP Hack

Last week I covered a bit about the new Elite VIP package for MSP players.  Since then I’ve received a lot of questions about the new Elite VIP.  The main question was, when will you have a hack for Elite VIP?!  Well the wait is over!  I found a new hack tool for Moviestarplanet that actually works for Elite VIP!


Before I show you how to use this new VIP hack tool, I’ll just go over some of the advantages of having an Elite VIP membership again.

  • More Starcoins
  • More Diamonds
  • Access to exclusive Elite VIP items
  • Everything else that comes with a VIP membership

The main advantages of getting an Elite VIP membership are that you get a TON of Starcoins and Diamonds when you first get the membership.  You get so many Diamonds and Starcoins that you probably wont even have to do a Starcoin hack – at least not for a while!

How to Do A MSP Elite VIP Hack

The Elite VIP hack tool for Moviestarplanet works very similarly to the other hack tools we have featured before.  This hack tool is also capable of adding Starcoins and Diamonds to your account but for now I will just cover the Elite VIP option.

One noticeable difference with this VIP hack tool is that you can choose to use a Proxy and also use anti-ban protection.  I will explain those options shortly.  The first few steps are very similar to the other hack tools I’ve reviewed.


1. Find a working hack tool for Elite VIP membership.  This step has already been done for you!

2. Download the Elite VIP hack tool onto your computer.  This hack requires you to download a small program onto your computer so that it can access the MSP servers and add a VIP membership to your account.  It has been tested to be safe by our staff here at MSPCheatsBlog.

3. Open the hack tool program by clicking on the icon on your desktop.  The Elite VIP hack tool will install itself and should be ready to use in less than one minute.

4. When you open the Elite VIP hack, you’ll see a screen like the one pictured above.  Filling out the tool is simple, here’s how you do it step by step.

  • Enter your username and password under the “Account” section
  • Select which browser you use to access Moviestarplanet.  This is important to ensure that the tool works properly!
  • Choose the amount of Starcoins or Diamonds you want to add to your account, if any.  I would not recommend adding more than 10,000 Starcoins or Diamonds at one time or you might get banned.
  • Check the box that says “Elite VIP” next to it.  This will add an Elite VIP membership to your account.
  • I also recommend checking the next two boxes.  Use Proxy will run the hack through a proxy which makes it harder for the MSP admins to detect.  Anti-Ban also adds extra precautions while hacking to avoid getting your account banned.

5. Once you’ve filled out all of the information on the hack tool form, you are ready to begin the Elite VIP hack.  All you have to do is click the “Hack” button and the tool will begin working.

6. Let the hack tool work for a bit.  This can take anywhere from 30 seconds to 2 minutes depending on how busy the servers are.  You can monitor the progress of the hack by watching the status bar at the bottom of the screen.

Now just log in to your Moviestarplanet account and you should be an Elite VIP member!  It’s as easy as that!  If the hack didn’t work, try using the tool again and make sure you entered all of your information correctly.  This tool was last tested to work as of October 2014.

  1. Link?

    • Is there anyway that you can find out if its possible that you can do it without downloading it? Because I share my computer and I don’t want any of my family finding out

      • well if you download it and then put i your personal folder which will hide them and name it something like home work so u r parents aren’t not attracted or something they boring so they are not interested

    • lolie

  2. it makes me do a survey -.-

    • me to but the survey has nothing to do with it it does a survey for a 100 dollar visa gift card

  3. Can someone on here friend me on msp so I can find out info about hacks?

  4. I really dont trust hacks but i really want that vip!

  5. i dont understand what do you download ?????????????????????

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