Weekly Moviestarplanet Fan Post #4

This week has been a little slow on Moviestarplanet fan content, but I’ve managed to find these gems!




First up is this really cute piece of PinkGubels by EmeraldDaffodils. The background is really well done and the whole design of the character is really cute. (You can find more of her art here)


Next up is this awesome picture done by XxxLightsoulxxX of RibbonWishes and Bun Bun. This one is totally adorable and so imaginative.

Our favorite MSP video of the week isssss

Let us know which are your favorites!

Don’t forget, if you, or someone you know, creates their own MSP fan content, feel free to share in the comments. Anything from your Moviestarplanet outfit of the week to short stories you’ve written based on your experiences with the game. You can tweet us @MSPCheatsBlog or hashtag your posts #MSPOutfitOfTheWeek for the chance to appear in next weeks weekly fan post.

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