Weekly Moviestarplanet Fan Post #3

Every week, we celebrate the amazing creativity of the MSP community by sharing some of our favorite art, videos and fanfiction.


This week we’ll start off with a familiar Moviestarplanet artist who was featured last week, but we just love her so much that we wanted to share another one of her drawings.


Another drawing by Dominikki, this time of Hot Babe Girl!

Next up is a new MSP artist that I recently came across


This is MSP’s very own Boonie as drawn by BleedingBunnies

And our video of the iiiiiiis


We hope you enjoyed this weeks Moviestarplanet fan post. Make sure you check out the site again this weekend for our new weekly favorites.


If you have some art or stories you’d like to share, don’t hesitate to make a comment and your picture, video or story may be featured in next weeks MSP post!

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