Weekly Moviestarplanet Fan Post #2

We have some amazing Moviestarplanet art on this weeks fandom celebration. I really came across some winners this week, so make sure you leave a comment telling us which your favorite was! Don’t forget, we share your MSP pictures every week, so make sure that you remember t0 share your art or stories in the comments and your piece may get featured on the blog!


First up is this amazing drawing by Hottyshad, a player from MSP UK.


This is really great and she really managed to capture her movie star really well. I love it! (You can see more of her art right here)

Next up is an incredible MSP artist – Dominikki – a moviestar who loves to draw her fellow players!


She has a whole bunch more drawings of her MSP friends and they are just amazing as this drawing of Princess Jana. Keep up the awesome work Dominikki! (To see more of her work, check it out here)

Our favorite MSP themed video of the week is “Wrapped Up MSP” by AlexaMSP95 from the German MSP. Awsome work!


Don’t forget to leave a like and comment if you enjoyed her video!

Thank so much for checking out this weeks Moviestarplanet fan post, we will see you again next week!

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