Weekly Fan Post #14

Every week, we scour the internet looking for great fan content, this week, we decided to try something a little different from our previous weekly fan posts, this week, we’ve decided to go right to the players on the game and pick some of our favorite looks from look books chosen at random!

Let us know in the comments if you like this idea and we may do more of these kinds of posts in the future!



First up is this really cute school girl look created by bookwork0116


Next up is this insanely adorable look created by belladonna111. She calls this one “easter bunny fever”. I seriously really love this look!


Our final look this week is this super casual outfit created by Nishagottii. She calls this look “PRETTY GIRL”. I love how casual this outfit is, it looks perfect for a casual day at the beach.

We hope you enjoyed this weeks selection! Let us know which was your favorite!


Don’t forget, if you, or someone you know, creates their own MSP fan content, feel free to share in the comments. Anything from your MovieStarPlanet outfit of the week to short stories you’ve written based on your experiences with the game. You can tweet us @MSPCheatsBlog or hashtag your posts on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or even Instagram, with  #MSPOutfitOfTheWeek or #MSPFanArt or share them to our Facebook page for the chance to appear in next weeks weekly fan post.


We hope you enjoyed this weeks MovieStarPlanet fan post. Make sure you check out the site again this weekend for our new weekly favorites!


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