Weekly Fan Post #12

Every week, we at mspcheatsblog scour social media and the internet for great new additions to our fan posts, and you guys never seem to disappoint us, it never ceases to amaze us how talented you all are!

Let’s take a look at what we’ve chosen to include in this weeks post!




This week, we chose to include yet another one of TemporaryPink’s pieces of artwork, we really love her!

You can check out her deviantart right here



If you rememebr, we featured an artist named TTRSuperlayla a couple weeks ago,she’s back again this week with yet another awesome piece for us! You can find her deviantart here

meadowmelodyWe welcome a brand new artist in the form of MeadowMelody this week, who has skillfully depicted her own MovieStarPlanet avatar here. You can check out her deviantart here

Don’t forget to check out our video of the week here!


If you’ve enjoyed seeing any particular artists work, please go visit the pages included and show some appreciation for their talent!

We hope you enjoyed this weeks selection! Let us know which was your favorite!


Don’t forget, if you, or someone you know, creates their own MSP fan content, feel free to share in the comments. Anything from your MovieStarPlanet outfit of the week to short stories you’ve written based on your experiences with the game. You can tweet us @MSPCheatsBlog or hashtag your posts on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or even Instagram, with  #MSPOutfitOfTheWeek or #MSPFanArt or share them to our Facebook page for the chance to appear in next weeks weekly fan post.


We hope you enjoyed this weeks MovieStarPlanet fan post. Make sure you check out the site again this weekend for our new weekly favorites!



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