Vip (2 years) Hack

I have found a Vip(2 year hack) 5 days ago. I forgot  the name of it, but i’ll tell you what to do. Here are the options:


  • Go to Vip and I don’t know if it only works for me but say Elite-Vip  and there is this card that says giftcard, and press that, it’ll automatically pay for you and you’ll get Vip in a week, that’s what it did for me.


  • For the next 5 months I know it seems rough but, do the movie competition every week, i tried on my now Vip character.


  • My friend told me this hack, i don’t know if it’ll actually work, if you wanna hack someone’s  Vip account, press “forgot password” then type in that person’s name in MSP and type in your E-mail.


bye! 😉 -Aezlinn12334

P.S Look forward to the next one! bye cuties!

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  1. If it doesn’t work then you’re late! All of these are said by my VIP friends which, I am now VIP on one of my characters! I must have a lag instead of Pay Pal it said GIftCard! Sorry!

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