Venetian Valentine, new shop additions and weekly favorites. – Guy Edition.


We at mspcheatsblog hope that all you lovebirds have had an amazing Valentines weekend and we hope that you continue your celebrations on MovieStarPlanet with this weeks new shop picks!


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So guys of MovieStarPlanet, take a look at the great additions from the Venetian Valentine event

venvalguy1 venvalguy2

So obviously, there isn’t as much choice for the guys as there is for the girls, but there are still some pretty cute outfits that can be made out of what’s on offer.



He’s ready for his hot Valentines date! This outfit costs 1600 coins and 6 gems.

Clothes and hair featured: Cutsie Guy hair, Super Smart top/jacket combo, Tough Asphalt pants and Dancing Feet shoes.


Don’t forget that if there is something you like in the MovieStarPlanet clothing shop, but aren’t too sure about the color, you can experiment with a variety of colors when selecting the item you want. If you’re not sure how to change colors, just go to your shopping bag after you’ve added the item you want, below the item name, you’ll see a color wheel and a present, the color wheel indicates the option to change the colors of that specific item and the present will indicate that it is a giftable item, so if the item is on any of your friends wishlists, show the love and give a gift.


And let’s not forget that there were two new backgrounds added to the background shop this week, these would be great for your Valentines themed movies, so check them out!



Romantic Canals – 450 coins VIP Exclusive.


Canal Sunrise – 400 coins.

Also, if you’re wanting to get a VIP MovieStarplanet subscription, check out the great new exclusive gifts for the guys who subscribe right NOW!


With these amazing gifts, who could say no?!

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