Venetian Valentine, new shop additions and weekly favorites! – Girl Edition.

Every week, when a new competition begins, we at mspcheatsblog, take a look at the newest fashion, items and backgrounds that have landed in the shop an create a selection of the cutest outfits. This week, since we and MovieStarPlanet are celebrating Valentines Day, we are going to show you guys how much we love you with some amazing selections.


If you love us too, share you favorite outfits and items in the comments below!


First up, we’re going to take a look at all of the new clothes, shoes and hairstyles that have been added to the shop for this weeks competition!

venvalshop venvalshop2 venvalshop3

As you can see, this week, there is some seriously cute stuff in the clothes shop and I am so excited to pick up as many of them as I can. Don’t forget, if you don’t like the specific color of something but you really like the actual piece of clothing, colors can be personalized when you’re picking the items you’d like to buy. If you’re going to spend your coins, make sure that the item you’re getting is perfect for you.

My favorite outfit of the week has got to be this one:


My MovieStarPlanet girl looks totally ready for her Valentines hit date!

This outfit costs 1725 coins overall. The pieces of clothing in this outfit are: Glamorous Bangs hair, Simple Elegance necklace and Simple Valentine dress.

Whilst there is only one pair of shoes available this week, I personally really didn’t like them, so my girl is going on a barefoot date, probably to the MovieStarPlanet park or something.

Next up, we’ll take a look at the new additions to the items shop. If you are in the business that we call show and you make your own movies, any of these amazing items would be a welcome addition to many a great set, so take a seat and check out what we have for you this week!

venval3 venvalshop5

I know that this is the time for love, so I’ll admit, I’m totally in love with everything in the item shop this week, which is why it was so hard for me to pick my favorite, but in the end, it had to be this one:


This little guy is seriously so cute, he even hold out his little heart to you. #Smitten

Remember, check out the site again tomorrow to see our favorite MovieStarPlanet updates for the guys and we also show you the newest additions to the background shop!

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