Starlight Soiree, newest shop additions and weekly favorites! – Guy Edition.

Every week, we at mspcheatsblog go through every thing that’s new in the shops for the weekly theme and we share both the newest stuff and out favorite outfits and items. With the beginning of a brand new season, it’s time to party it up, MovieStarPlanet is celebrating with a few Starlight Soiree’s!

First up, let’s check out the newest in the clothing shop for you guys!



I know, you poor guys get no luck when it comes to your clothing choice, it’s a little sexist in my opinion, but oh well.

So since there is a total lack of choice this week, we had to mix and matcha little from previous collections to make our favorite outfit for this week.


This outfit is casual, yet a little formal, perfect for a starlight soiree!

Overall, the outfit costs 2200 StarCoins and 4 diamonds.

Items pictured; Mr Sun Guy hat/hair combo, Crazy Ride shirt, Glittery Night pants and Mr Shiny Guy shoes.

Now let’s check out what’s new in the back ground shop. Any of these would be perfect for your soiree themed movies!



Exclusive Mansion Deck – 500 StarCoins.


Starlit Party Mansion – 400 StarCoins.

Make sure you post any of your favorite outfits and items in the comments below!

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