Starlight Soiree, newest shop additions and weekly favorites! – Girl Edition.

Every week, we at mspcheatsblog go through every thing that’s new in the shops for the weekly theme and we share both the newest stuff and out favorite outfits and items. With the beginning of a brand new season, it’s time to party it up, MovieStarPlanet is celebrating with a few Starlight Soiree’s!

So let’s check out what’s new for you ladies in the clothes shop!


starlight1 starlight2 starlight3


And our favorite outfit of the week is…!


This is a total party girl look and it’s adorable!

Overall, this outfit costs 2600 StarCoins.

Items pictured: Icy Tips hair, Sweet Soiree shirt, Shiny Soiree pants and Ballroom Breaker shoes (seriously these are so cute, I want them in real life!).

Ok,we totally lied, we had to pick two outfits this week! You’ve seen our casual party outfit, now take a look at our more formal outfit!


She looks like she’s ready to sip some fancy cocktails!

Overall, this outfit costs 2125 StarCoins and 7 Diamonds.

Items pictured; Starlight Diva hair, Heavy Diamonds earrings, Lil’ Black dress and Couture Right shoes.

Now let’s check out what’s new in the items shop!




Unfortunately, this week, there isn’t a whole lot of choice when it comes to the items available, if you’re worrying about not having enough props or anything for your competition entry, don’t forget, you can still use items from any previous collections in your movies, just make sure it fits into the situation!

My favorite item of the week is…


This decoration is incredibly cute, I wish I had one for real!

Night Swarmers – 200 StarCoins.


Make sure you post any of your favorite outfits and items in the comments below! Or you can even share them to our Facebook page or tweet us @mspcheatsblog


Remember, check out the site again tomorrow to see our favorite MovieStarPlanet updates for the guys and we also show you the newest additions to the background shop!


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