Star VIP Package Sale Going on Now

Hey everyone! At mspcheatsblog, we want to let you know about everything going on in Movie Star Planet. Right now, there is a Star VIP package deal going on, and this sale is not going to last long, so we wanted to tell you about it so that you can get in on the deal while it is still valid.

1 Year + 10 Weeks

For this sale, not only do you get the standard 1 year Star VIP but you also get an additional 10 weeks. You will get 120,000 StarCoins, 825 diamonds, and 5 exclusive VIP items and the price is $70.

3 Months + 2 weeks

Instead of the normal 3 month package, you can now get 3 months plus 2 weeks. In this package, you will also get 250 diamonds, 35,000 StarCoins, and 2 exclusive VIP items all for $32.

1 Month + 1 Week

Instead of just 30 days VIP, you can get the 1 month plus 1 week deal. For this package, you get 110 diamonds, 115,000 Star Coins, and 1 exclusive VIP item all for $13.

1 Week + 1 Day

The last deal is 1 week plus one day, and for this package you get 20 diamonds and 3,000 StarCoins all for $6.

Features of Being VIP

Some of the features of having a VIP Star Package include fame bonus, access to exclusive items in the shop, and no ads before the movies or games. You also get 4 turns a day at the Fame Wheel, 40 StarCoins a day just for logging in, 2 diamonds for a login bonus, 9 friends, and 30 autographs per hour.

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