Special 1 Week VIP Offer Ends Tomorrow

Hey everyone! Here at mspcheatsblog, we check Movie Star Planet to see what the new deals are, and right now there is a deal on the one-week VIP, but hurry because this deal ends soon.

1 Week Deal

If you login to Movie Star Planet right now, you can see that there is a special 1 week VIP deal going on, which ends October 7 at 8 pm EST. If you login to Movie Star Planet right now you can get 1 week VIP, 7 diamonds, and 1,000 gold coins for just $2!

What You Get As VIP

msp special offer details

This one-week VIP deal is only $2 so why not grab up on it? You can get a lot of special perks being a VIP, including earning 25 percent more Fame, which helps you level up faster. As a VIP you also get five times as many friends, access to better pets, autographs every 15 minutes, and access to exclusive items like clothing and accessories. You will also get a chance every day to spin the Wheel of Fortune, which is only open to VIP members.

If you would like to check out all of the things being a VIP has to offer, get the one-week deal which ends tomorrow night, and it’s only $2. By spending $2 on this special one-week offer, you will be able to see all of the features of being a VIP on Movie Star Planet without spending much money, and once you see all of the goodies, you will definitely want to extend your VIP membership. Hurry this offer will go away on October 7 at about 8 pm EST.

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