Rags to Riches Competition, new shop additions and weekly favorites! – Girl Edition.

This week, MovieStarPlanet is giving you ladies a makeover that you just can’t refuse! It’s rags to riches!

We at mspcheatsblog, are going to take a look at the newest fashion, items and backgrounds that have landed in the shop and create a selection of the cutest outfits.


So lets take a look at what is on offer for you ladies in the clothing store this week.

ragtorich1 ragtorich2 ragtorich3

As you’ll notice, you have your every day working attire for maids/waitresses etc, then you have your beautiful outfits to really finish the transformations of rags to riches.

This week, there was a lot of fun options to play around with so I had a pretty hard time deciding which outfit I like best, so this week, I chose two outfits! One rags outfit and one riches outfit. Check them out!


So for our first favorite of the week, this is my girl in her waitress outfit, it’s cute and casual, but definitely gives off a working vibe. Overall, this outfit costs 1425 StarCoins.

Items pictured: Wait 4 Me hair, Sweet Servant dress and Small Steps shoes.


And here is my favorite riches outfit. What I like about this outfit is that it isn’t really over the top or anything like some of the other outfits available this week. She is ready to party with some princes, that’s for sure. Overall, this outfit costs 3050 StarCoins and 8 Diamonds.

Items pictured: Midnight Queen hair, Princess Neck necklace, Princess Right bag, At The Spot dress, Fragile Beauty sleeves and Glass like Steps shoes.

Don’t forget, if there is something you like, but you’d love it even more in another color, you can select the samll color wheel to change the colors around to suit you perfectly.

 Next up.lets take a look at what’s new in the item shop


Again, we’re following a slight fairy tale theme with these items, any of whihc would make great props for you movies.

And my favorite item of the week is!


This little guy is totally adorable, I don’t know how you could consider buying anything else in the shop!

Little Mouse – 500 StarCoins.

Make sure you post any of your favorite outfits and items in the comments below! Or you can even share them to our Facebook page or tweet us @mspcheatsblog


Remember, check out the site again tomorrow to see our favorite MovieStarPlanet updates for the guys and we also show you the newest additions to the background shop!

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