New York City Kids Competition Now Open

Hi everyone! Welcome to mspcheatsblog, where we sign in to Movie Star Planet every week to check out the newest items, clothing, and news. We are going to be talking today about the newest competition to show up on Movie Star Planet, which is the NY City Kids Competition. This competition is open for another 5 days, so read on to learn about this competition and then go online to submit yours today.

In the New York City Kids Competition, you need to use various props, backgrounds, and clothing that go with the NY City Kids theme in order to have a shot at winning. Remember, you can also use other props and items outside of the NY City Kids theme, but you need to make sure you have the majority of your movie around this topic.


You also will need to include three sentences in your movie to have a chance at winning the competition, and without all three of these included in your movie, you are definitely not going to be chosen as one of the three winners. The sentences are “I love the city” and “Check out the skyscrapers” and lastly, you need to use “Taxi please” as well.

NY city clothing


There are three winners for the NY City Kids competition, which will be chosen at a later date, and as soon as the winners are chosen we will post that right here too. First place will get 14 days VIP, 14 diamonds, and then 3,000 gold coins. Second place will get 7 days VIP, 7 diamonds, and 2,000 gold coins. For third place you get 3 days VIP, 3 diamonds, and 1,000 gold coins.

Props and Clothing

For NY City Kids, you will need to use a lot of items that follow this theme in order to possibly be a winner. You can choose from 2 different backgrounds that have a taxi in them, which is part of the New York City appeal and theme. There are also items that you need to use in this competition, all of which fit the theme of New York City. You can purchase the Statue of Liberty as an item, a park bench, a taxi, and even a huge stack of hamburgers. For the clothing, you just have to choose some shirts, jeans, and some cool hats.

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