New additions to the MSP shopping area and favorite outfits- Guy Edition.

Every week, with the starting of a new Moviestarplanet competition, comes brand new clothes and items to the in game shops. I’m going to be showing you the newest selection of clothes from the “Snow’s Up” collection, for guys .


As you’ll notice, there are a few similar things in the new MSP clothing selection for the girls, but there are definitely some pretty cool pieces here too. Check them out!

2015-01-16 22.54.44


2015-01-16 22.54.53


2015-01-16 22.55.28

There isn’t as much of a selection for the guys as there is for the girls, but there are definitely some cool outfit to be made from what is on offer. For example, here are my favorite outfits created from pieces in the Moviestarplanet “Snow’s Up” collection:

2015-01-16 22.58.27

This is a more sporty, snowboarder themed outfit, I love how there was so much green in this weeks selection, the colors work great together and my guy looks like he is ready to shred some powder.

Overall, the cost of the entire outfit was 2025 coins and 4 gems.

(clothes pictured: Need For Speed helmet, MSP Ice Cool jacket, Board Baggys pants and Snowboard Time! boots.)

2015-01-16 23.07.56

This one is my favorite casual outfit of the week. The original color of the sweatshirt was different, but I changed it to work with whole blue/cold theme. There were no cool guy shoes this week that went with the casual theme, so I just stuck with my default sneakers.

Overall, the cost of the outfit was 950 coins.

(Clothes pictured: Keep It Cool hooded sweatshirt and  Snow Combats pants.)

Remember, if you don’t like any of the colors of the clothes you like, you can change the colors of the majority of clothes available in the shop.

Don’t forget to check out what is available for the girls this week in the previous post, I also share the newest Moviestarplanet items of the week there too!

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