Mythical Pets Competition

A new competition has been announced, which is the Mythical Pets Competition, and this is going on until Thursday. You will need to make a mythical pets inspired type of film on Movie Star Planet, and you need to use the props and furniture from the theme in order to be in the competition and possibly win. You can mix it up and put in other things as well, but you need to make sure you are mostly using the mythical pets items and props.



As with all movie submissions, you also will need to include sentences in your movie. “Amazing Animals” “Where are We” and “This is Magical” all have to be used in sentences in your movie in order to qualify for the prizes.

The Prizes

The prizes are pretty good, and if you get first place, you get 14 day VIP Pass, 14 diamonds, and 3,000 coins. If you get second place, you get, 7 days VIP, 7 diamonds, and 2,000 coins. Third place gets you 3 VIP days, 3 diamonds, and 1,000 coins.

Items and Clothing

You will need to use the new items that are in the store, which include the Sleepy Rodent and Friend of the Forest. You can also choose the Fulltime Entertainment as an item to include for the mythical pets competition. For clothing, you will need such items as Dragonfly Necklace and Original Look.


A Dream Come True and Forest are just two of the backgrounds that you can choose from for this competition, although there are many more you can include. Remember that you need to make sure the background matches the mythical pets theme in order to have a chance at winning the competition. You will have until Thursday to submit your movie and before you hit submit, make sure that most of your props go with the theme, and also make sure you use the sentences that you need to for your movie.

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