MSP Wild Ocean Competition

This week’s movie competition is the MSP Wild Ocean competition.  This is a perfect theme for summer and the warm weather!


Get ready for summer with this fun and warm movie competition.  Break out your bathing suits and sandals for this one!  As usual you can enter into the movie competition or also submit your artbook, look, or room.  If you’re entering the movie competition, be sure to include these phrases:

  • whales should be free
  • nature is beautiful
  • I love wild ocean life

There’s also some new beach outfits so be sure to check those out too!  I can’t wait to see everyone’s entries!


  1. I love this! I bought the background and everything. Add me, I’m sunshine girl18! Lol, thanks! Also, check out my blog on WordPress! Thanks! 😀

  2. Im sorry but when i clicked to download it. it just popped up: FREE MAPS. DOWNLOAD. Can you send me the hacking sight in your reply thanks

    • it did that to me 2 so when ur done getting that may i plz have it 2? plz it seems really cool and fascinating!

  3. Ok 🙂

  4. hello people moviestar planet cheat works
    its awesome
    and cool

  5. yay its so cool and i wish i was a msp vip well i am the only girl in the world my dad let me use is email so hahaaa (d) well i just did on purpus hahaha

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