MSP Rare Week 2015 Winners Announced

Hey guys! At mspcheatsblog, we login to Movie Star Planet to see who the winners were of every competition on a weekly basis. The winners of the MSP Rare Week 2015 movie competition has just been announced. As usual, we are always surprised at the number of people who submitted a video for the competition, and it is always full of high quality movies.

Without waiting too much longer, let us get into the top three winners were for the week. Remember, each winner gets gold coins, VIP, and diamonds for placing in the top three but the amounts vary depending on the position on the winner’s circle.

In first place this week we have the movie “NO Rare Clothes?!?” from Katie33300. We want to say congratulations to you Katie!

msp rare week winners 1

In second place, the movie “Rares from the Past…(scary)” from goodie12358, and again we want to say congratulations to you as well.

msp rare week winner 2

Amber cx earned the third place spot with the movie “Rare Week :o”, and again we want to say congratulations.

msp rare week winner 3

The newest movie competition is still seeking submissions but you only have until Thursday to submit your movie so you better hurry up. Each one of these winners for the MSP Rare 2015 competition used all three sentences as required, used items, accessories and the background for the theme, and displayed the highest quality movie. If you would like to submit your movie and have the best chance at winning, remember that high quality work that follows the guidelines will always be more likely to win.

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