Moviestarplanet Waste Land Competition

There’s still time to submit your movie entry to the Waste Land competition!  If you haven’t entered yet, let me fill you in on the theme of this competition!  The goal of this competition is to create a wasteland themed movie, kind of like a doomsday event!


There’s a bunch of new clothes and other items to use in your Waste Land movie!  If movie making isn’t your thing, you can design a Waste Land themed art book, look, or room too!


If you are planning on making a Waste Land movie, be sure to include these sentences in your movie:

  • be ready
  • where is everybody
  • mutant rat

First prize in the movie competition gets 14 days of VIP membership, 14 diamonds, and 3000 Starcoins!  So make sure to get your entries in ASAP, good luck!

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