Moviestarplanet Updates – Elite VIP Packages Fall 2014

Hey movie stars!  I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted so sorry for the wait!  I’m back now and will be posting here more often now.  Let’s see what all I’ve missed since I last blogged about MSP!

First off, you may have noticed that they changed up the look of the Daily Spin a little bit.  I think it looks better now don’t you?


Next up, it looks like they’ve added some more options for VIP membership in Moviestarplanet.  There’s a new thing called Elite VIP now that gives you even more stuff to do than regular VIP does.  Check it out!


Looks pretty cool right?!  Elite VIP costs a bit more than regular VIP though.  5 bucks a week is pretty expensive!  You can get a year for $63 which is a lot cheaper than paying per week but it’s still kind of a lot of money…

So what all do you get with an Elite VIP membership?  Good question!  Here’s some more details about the exclusive new Elite VIP membership.


As you can see, Elite VIP members get a TON of Starcoins when they sign up, especially if you get a 3 month or one year membership!  Not only that but they get a lot of diamonds too!  To sweeten the deal, Elite VIP members also get up to 5 exclusive VIP items when they sign up!

Here’s a breakdown of what all comes with each Elite VIP membership:

1 Week Elite VIP Membership

  • 15 Diamonds
  • 2300 Starcoins

1 Month Elite VIP Membership

  • 80 Diamonds
  • 11,500 Starcoins
  • 1 Exclusive VIP item

3 Month Elite VIP Membership

  • 195 Diamonds
  • 27,000 Starcoins
  • 2 Exclusive VIP items

1 Year Elite VIP Membership

  • 635 Diamonds
  • 91,000 Starcoins
  • 5 Exclusive VIP items

Which VIP membership would you choose?!

Another thing I’ve noticed since I’ve been back is that there are some new Boonies available to be adopted!  Aren’t they just adorable?!  I had to get the one with the feathers and the one with the sunglasses too!  Which one is your favorite.


That’s all I’ve noticed for big changes to MSP since I’ve been gone.  I’m sure I’ll find some other stuff now that I’m going to be playing more often again.  You can expect to see a lot more new posts here at MSP Cheats Blog now that I’m back!

Stay tuned for a new VIP hack tool that I’ll be showing you in the next few days.  I need to do a bit more testing but so far it looks like it will be a good one!!  See ya later movie stars!

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