Movie Star Planet Fees and Costs

As a parent, it is important to know the costs associated with games like Movie Star Planet, since you often times do not want to spend money on a membership to a game that your child might or might not play. As a child, it is also important to know the costs and fees associated with Movie Star Planet, which can help you persuade your parents to let you play the game.

The first thing you need to know is that you can create a Movie Star Planet account completely for free, and there is no fee to sign up for an account, and no monthly fee associated with the game. In this game, you earn StarCoins, which is the in-game currency, by playing games and making movies. The StarCoins earned can buy you many items that are found within the game, and it is basically a way to earn in-game money without spending real money. If you get the free membership, you can still access a majority of the game and clothing, as well as items, although some things are restricted to the paid members.

There is a VIP account that you can sign up for, which is a monthly paid membership to Movie Star Planet, and this is a completely optional membership. If you get the VIP membership, you will have access to exclusives, such as items, clothing, and accessories, but you do not need to sign up for the VIP membership to enjoy 90 percent of the game. The cost of the VIP memberships vary depending on the length, but can be a couple dollars a month if you choose the 1-week VIP or it can be $30 for a longer VIP membership. You can use a credit card to purchase the VIP membership and also you can buy more StarCoins by using your credit card, but these are optional, and you can just earn your StarCoins by playing games and making movies so that you do not need the VIP membership.

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