More Movie Star Planet Rules to Follow

We have already told you about a few of the rules on Movie Star Planet, but did you know there are quite a few rules you need to follow in order to keep your account in good standing? Here we will go over more rules that you need to follow while on Movie Star Planet.

You do not want to break or attempt to break any copyright laws. Copyright laws are a very serious set of laws that if you are caught trying to break, you will likely be banned from the website. Not only will breaking copyright get you into trouble, but it could also get Movie Star Planet into trouble.

You do not want to trick or steal items from other users, as trying to steal or scam other users is also an offense that can get you banned. You do not want to persuade other users to give you items in exchange for anything such as money, and you do not want to promise to give a user something if they give you items, as this is all seen as scamming the users.

You also cannot talk about cheats that can be used in the game, and if you are caught cheating in the game then you too will be banned. If you cheat in the game, you might get away with it, but if you use cheats just do not go talking about them as this will get you quickly banned permanently from the game.

Never harass or annoy other players, which includes using abusive language or bullying type of language. You do not want to annoy someone who has told you they do not want to talk to you, and if you annoy them bad enough, it could be taken as real threats which could get you into trouble with law enforcement if you continue the behavior.

Do not impersonate the staff at Movie Star Planet, as you will be banned. Movie Star Planet staff will always have a moderator badge associated with their name, which is displayed all of the time. If you do not see the moderator badge, then this person is not a moderator or staff member.

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