Kawaii Cute – Newest Shop Additions and Weekly Favorites! – Guy Edition

Every week, we at mspcheatsblog go through every thing that’s new in the shops for the weekly theme and we share both the newest stuff and out favorite outfits and items.


Now let’s take a look at what’s new for you guys!



This weeks offerings are ridiculously small for the guys, whihc is incredibly unfair compared to the three pages of clothing choices for the girls. But not to worry! Don’t be afraid to mix and match either if you think something else from a previous collection fits in with the weekly theme! And don’t forget, you can always change the color of the majority of items if you don’t like how they originally look.

Now let’s have a look at the best outfit that we managed to create this week!


Obviously, our choices were very limited this week, but we managed to come up with this pretty cool outfit.

Overall this outfit costs 2225 StarCoins

Items pictured: (Bear in mind, the majority of colors in the outfit have been slightly altered) Kawaii Cool hair, Horror on the Street shirt, Crazy Kawaii pants and Blink in ‘da Streets shoes.

Now let’s take at the newest background available this week!


Kawaii Chill – 550 StarCoins.

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