How to Make a Strong Password on Movie Star Planet

Safety and ensuring personal information is not leaked to anyone is very important in Movie Star Planet. In order to keep your child’s account safe, you need to have a strong password, one that is not easily guessed, and one that is always kept private. If you want to talk to your child, you need to tell them to never share their password with anyone, which helps keep it secure. Another way to keep your password secure is to use a strong password, and here is how you can do that in Movie Star Planet.

The first thing you want to do is think of a phrase that you will remember, such as “my daughter will be 7 on August 22.” Then you can transfer this into a password that is easy to remember but also strong.

You want to take the first letter of each part of that sentence you thought of, and then make it into a password. This means that it would be “mswb7oA22” if that was your phrase.

You need to use capital letters and lower case letters in your password, so you can make the first letter capital and the rest lower case if you want.

If you would like to make your password even stronger, add some weird symbols in there, such as using the ! sign or the $ sign, but just remember what symbol you used and where you used it.

Lastly, make sure your password on Movie Star Planet is not one you use for anything else, especially personal financial information, such as a bank login. You always need to have different passwords to ensure that your financial information is safe just in case your child tells your password or gets tricked into telling someone.

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