Five Rules of Movie Star Planet

There are quite a few rules on Movie Star Planet that you need to follow to keep your account in good standing. While there are numerous rules, we are going to be talking about the top five rules you need to abide by all of the time.

Never share your passwords and never ask anyone for their password either. On Movie Star Planet, you will never be asked for your password and staff does not want anyone asking other players for their passwords either. Never share this information in the game or outside of the game, even to your friends.

Never provide details to others in exchange for a free prize or reward such as StarCoins or VIP membership. On Movie Star Planet, the only way you get these items is through Movie Star Planet itself, so never offer up any of your details if someone says that they will give you these VIP items and StarCoins if you do.

Never write down racist or sexually suggestive things on the chat or anywhere in the game. These types of words and behaviors are not tolerated, mostly because children and young people are on Movie Star Planet. If you have a funny joke but it could be considered racist, keep it to yourself and only tell those types of jokes in person to your friends and do not share them online through Movie Star Planet.

Never make usernames that could refer to genders or sexuality, and never use your real name as your own username. You should not make any references to you being a girl or you being a heterosexual or homosexual or bisexual person, as this is personal information you need to keep private. This is a game for younger people and your own bedroom habits do not need to be broadcasted.

Never give any real information out to anyone over Movie Star Planet, and this includes your age, name, location, address, email address or phone number. Whether you are making a movie or chatting or in the forums, this is information that needs to be kept private in order to protect yourself. Some in-game features do ask for certain information, which is voluntary, and you can remove this information any time you want, but it will never ask for specific information such as email or your real name or location.

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