Favorite Looks of the Week #6

And welcome to our weekly post where we share some of our favorite looks spotted within the game. Every Tuesday, we visit the chat rooms and pick MovieStars at random and pick some of our favorite looks!


Our first look of the week is this incredibly colorful look created by doc2

I really love this look, it’s brightly colored and looks perfect for a party! I’m sure anyone would stand out if she looked like this!


Our second look of the week is this super cute look created by roseabell93

It’s a casual look with a hint of party girl to it, this could be worn to a party or even a casual lunch!


Our final look of the week was created by leo714.

This outfit gives off a cool guy air and makes this guy look like your stereotypical popular guy.


If you have a look you would like to share, feel free to write on our Facebook page or tweet us @mspcheatsblog with your look. Don’t forget you can also upload your looks to instagram and hashtag your post with #msplookoftheweek If we love your look, you could be featured in a future favorite look post!


Don’t forget to check for our weekly fan post on Thursday! If you have any fan art, stories or even videos please feel free to post them in the comments below!!

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