Easter Farm Festival Competition, new shop additions and weekly favorites! – Girl Edition.

Every week, we at mspcheatsblog check out the newest and best in fashion and accessories in the MovieStarPlanet shops. This week, we are celebrating Easter, so break out some chocolate, take a seat and check out what we have in store for you ladies this week!

First up, lets check what the newest things on offer in the clothing store!

easterg1 easterg2 easterg3

As you can see, everything is super cute and perfect for an Easter/spring outfit!

I had a really difficult time picking my favorite outfit because there were so many cute things to wear this week, so I decided to settle on two of my favorite instead of one this week!

fav1I can never resist a cute gingham dress and this one was totally adorable! It also make her look totally fresh off the farm. Cute!

This outfit costs 1825 StarCoins all together.

Items pictured; Braided Beauty hair, Schoolgirl Gingham dress and Bunny Steps shoes.


This second favorite is a little more casual, but still just as adorable!

Overall, this outfit costs 2325 StarCoins.

Items pictures: Braided Beauty hair, Bunny Beauty ears, Flowe Love choker, Cuteness Overload shirt and Rainy Days pants/shoes combo.

Now lets check out what’s new in the item shop this week!

item1 item2

Again, we’re still following the Easter theme, but wow, there is so much good stuff this week, I just want to buy it all!

And my favorite item of the week iiiiiiis:


Seriously, when is Easter ever complete without an adorable little bunny?!

This Baby Bunny will cost you 2 diamonds, but it is so worth it!

Don’t forget, if there is something you like, but you’d love it even more in another color, you can select the small color wheel to change the colors around to suit you perfectly.




Make sure you post any of your favorite outfits and items in the comments below! Or you can even share them to our Facebook page or tweet us @mspcheatsblog


Remember, check out the site again tomorrow to see our favorite MovieStarPlanet updates for the guys and we also show you the newest additions to the background shop!


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