Dream Job Winners Just Announced

Every week here on mspcheatsblog, we take a look on Movie Star Planet to see who the latest winners were of the competition. Just today, the winners of the Dream Jobs competition were announced. Each of these winners displayed a great movie quality, sticking with the dream jobs theme, and using items and props that went with the topic. We are always amazed at the quantity and quality of the submissions for the Movie Star Planet competitions, and this week was no different. Now, let’s take a look at the three winners, all of which will get some VIP, diamonds, and gold coins for winning.

In first place, we have saphired111 with “Living the Dream” so this person wins the gold and gets the most VIP, diamonds, and gold coins. We want to say congratulations to saphired111.


In second place, who gets the silver, we have Glitzgirl101 with “A Girl Can Dream” and we want to say congratulations to her as well!


In third place, who will get the bronze trophy, and VIP, diamonds, and some gold coins, we have autstinmephone804 with “Dream Job-“. Again we want to say congratulations.

The new competition is still open until tomorrow night, so if you have not entered the newest competition, get your movie submission in within the next half day to be considered. Remember, you must use the three sentences, props, backgrounds and items for the specific theme in order to have a chance of winning. Again, congratulations to the winners of the Dream Jobs competition!

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