Cyber Punkin’ Winners Just Announced

Every week here on mspcheatsblog, we login to Movie Star Planet to see who the winners were of the newest competition. This week the winners of the Cyber Punkin’ competition were announced. Every week we are amazed at just how high of quality all of the movie submissions were. Without waiting any longer, let us tell you who the three winners were. Each of the three winners will get VIP, diamonds, and gold coins, but the amounts depend on what place you got, either first, second or third.

In first place we have the movie “Stick It!” by Jessiky. We want to say a huge congratulations to you as the first place winner.

cyber punkin winner 1

In second place, the winning movie was “Cyber Punk Dance Party” by Miranda1191. We want to extend a congratulations out to you.

cyber punkin winner 2

The third place winner was the movie “NEVER Trust Cyber! :o” by freedomz. We want to say congratulations to you as well.

cyber punkin winners 3

As you know, there is still the latest movie competition that is open for submissions, but you must submit your movie by Thursday night at 9 pm EST in order to have a chance to win. Remember to use each of the three sentences in your movie, as well as the accessories and items related to the competition theme to have the best chance at winning. If you do not use the props, items, background, and clothing related to the theme, you more than likely will not win, so make sure you do follow all of the rules in order to be considered.

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