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How to Change Your MSP Username or Password/Delete Your Account

How to Change Your MSP Username According to the Moviestarplanet Help Guide, it is not possible to change your username.  You can try to contact the MSP support team and give them your reasoning but they will probably just tell you to create another account.  The only time I’ve heard of them allowing a username change is if your username is offensive or contains personal information like your real name or address. Make sure that

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Moviestarplanet Safety

Moviestarplanet is a fun online environment where kids can create characters and interact with other players through chat.  This open community can cause some safety concerns for both players and parents.  I’ve been contacted by players who have had their accounts hacked and parents who are concerned about their child’s safety.  Here I’ll cover some safety tips for both players and parents. MSP Safety Tips By following some basic safety tips, you’ll be able to

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Make a Movie on MovieStarPlanet

Making movies on Moviestarplanet is easy once you know how!  This guide will show you exactly how to make a movie on MSP.  By the time you go through the steps, you’ll be an expert director and producer! A big part of Moviestarplanet is making movies as you may have guessed.  You can cast your own movies, design your actors’ wardrobes, choose the scene, and even write the script!  After you make your MSP movie,

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MovieStarPlanet How To Guides – MSP Help

How to Be a VIP for Free If you don’t want to pay for VIP on MSP, there are a couple ways to get VIP for free.  The first way is to win a competition.  If you come in first in a competition, you can win up to 14 days of VIP. Another way is to use a membership hack software.  I will be adding a VIP membership hack program for download soon so check

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