How to Change Your MSP Username or Password/Delete Your Account

How to Change Your MSP Username

According to the Moviestarplanet Help Guide, it is not possible to change your username.  You can try to contact the MSP support team and give them your reasoning but they will probably just tell you to create another account.  The only time I’ve heard of them allowing a username change is if your username is offensive or contains personal information like your real name or address.

Make sure that when you create your Moviestarplanet account that you choose a username you will want to keep forever!  It’s very difficult to get them to change your username, even if you are a VIP member!

How to Change Your Password on Moviestarplanet

If you have forgotten your password then just click on the box that says “Forgot Password” when you try to login.  They’ll send your password to your email address.

If you want to change your password for any reason, just click on the settings button in the top right of your screen.  They’ve made the button very hard to see now but it looks like this:


When you click on that button, you’ll see a menu of different options.  Click on the button that says “Change password”


When you click that button, you’ll be asked if you’re sure if you want to change your password.  Then you’ll see a screen that asks you to enter your old password and then choose a new one:


Enter your new password and then click “Save New Password” and that’s it!  You’ve changed your MSP password.

How Do I Delete My MSP Account?

If you want to delete your Moviestarplanet account forever, just click on the Help button in the top right corner of your screen.  Then click on the icon on the left side that says “My User”


At the bottom of this page, click on the button that says “Delete User”.  A box will pop up that asks if you’re sure you want to delete your user.  Click “Yes” if you’re sure you want to delete your MSP account.


If you delete your account, you won’t be able to get it back!  Make sure you’re absolutely certain you want to delete your user before you click “Yes”!

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