Calling All Movie Star Bloggers!

Hey movie stars!  You may have noticed that we’ve finally started posting again here at MSPCheatsBlog after a bit of a hiatus.  Now we’re back and trying to make this site better than ever, but we won’t be able to do it without you!  That’s why we’re looking for one or two authors to help out with posting here at MSPCheatsBlog!


We’re looking for a couple of Moviestarplanet players who can make 2-3 posts per week about anything new or interesting in the game!  Some examples of the stuff we’re looking for in posts:

  • Any Moviestarplanet news like new competitions, clothing, items, etc
  • MSP fashion tips – outfit ideas, styling, etc
  • New MSP cheats
  • Pretty much anything else related to Moviestarplanet

It’d be great if you have previous blogging experience but it’s not totally necessary.  You just need to be able to make some good posts with writing and some images too.  Please comment below if you’re interested and we will get back to you via email.

Cant wait to hear from all you Moviestarplanet bloggers out there!

  1. can i try please!

  2. I’m interested. I could post like.. Twice a week?

    • Twice a week would be great! I sent you an email with some more information.

  3. i have lots of experience in blogging and am a msp freak (on 24/7.
    fdlove is username.

  4. my user is NinjaRunner password is halo00 and Plzz Give me Elite Vip Three Month

  5. I really want to blog I tell you I’ll love this job!!!!!!!

  6. I play UK MSP, I’m level 17 and have been playing MovieStarPlanet since May 2012, I have had a blog in the past and would be able to post regularly.

  7. My username is UnicornLover456 and i am not a past blogger but did do a short review story on Wattpad

  8. I have a blog and would love to help out my msp name is ellebobz200 my blog is my emails on there Ellie xo

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