Moviestarplanet Boonie Bounce App for Apple iOS


Boonie Bounce is one of the latest Moviestarplanet apps for Apple iOS.  This fun new game is all about seeing how high your Boonie can bounce!


In this game, you play as a Boonie and try to bounce off of dots, Starcoins and Fame Stars to try to jump as high as you can.  The higher you bounce, the more Starcoins and Fame you earn!


You can even unlock special power boosts to help you bounce even higher!  Try to bounce off of Starcoins and Fame to earn more points but watch out for the evil skulls that try to hurt you…


There are lots of cool levels to unlock and explore!  Some of the levels are the monster castle, green hills, and neon party.  How far will you get in Boonie Bounce?


Another great part about Boonie Bounce is you can transfer all of the Fame and Starcoins you earn to Moviestarplanet.  Now you can earn Starcoins and Fame on the go and then spend them on Moviestarplanet when you get home!


Boonie Bounce is free to download and is a great addition to your collection of apps and games.  If you love those cute little Boonies from Moviestarplanet, be sure to get Boonie Bounce for iOS!


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