Bonfire Chillout Winners

Hey everyone! Every week here at mspcheatsblog, we login to Movie Star Planet to see who the latest winners were in the movie competitions. This week, we are looking at the winners from the Bonfire Chillout competition, which was just announced. We are always so amazed and excited to see just how many submissions there were on Movie Star Planet when it comes to the movies. So without further waiting here are the winners.

In first place we have Tommy_D with “Christian Campfire Chillout” and we just want to send out a congratulations!


In second place we have user Aarinpopstar with “Camp’s Scary Stories” and this was also a really good movie. Congratulations to you as well!


In third place we have username Jordan1142011 with the “Marshmellows Say What?” movie. Again we want to say congratulations to you also for your great movie.


The newest competition is now open which is Dream Jobs, although it will be closing in less than 24 hours so make sure you are getting your submission in to be one of the three movie winners. Each movie winner will get a specific amount of VIP, diamonds, and coins. You want to make sure you use the themes for the topic each week in order to have the best shot at winning. Remember also that on Movie Star Planet, you have three sentences that you need to include in order to be a contender for one of the winning spots. The three winners above showed the best choices for the topic, including with sentences, items, backgrounds, and clothing, which are all important when you are making your movie.

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