BlockStarPlanet Review & Info

BlockstarPlanet is one of the new games that comes to you from the creators of MovieStarPlanet. It is very similar to both Roblox and Minecraft. It can be played either using your browser or you can play with your mobile device. The game is available for both iOS and Android and it has pretty great ratings across both platforms. Blockstar Planet is a block-building game where you use a robot to play games and build your own little virtual world. My overall first impression of BlockstarPlanet is that this is a very fun game world where you can let your imagination run wild.

Even though the game is for children and teenagers, people of all ages will love the robotic games and competitions. Since you can login using your MovieStarPlanet username and password, it allows for quick access. It plays similar to Roblox and Minecraft, meaning the controls, the graphics, and types of battles you can engage in, It is also similar to those games in terms of overall activities and abilities to customize your robot to fit your personality.

BlockstarPlanet Review

BlockstarPlanet is a very cool game because you can play in this virtual world and even play games competing against other players in the online world. You will first get a robot, which is your own robot that you need to take care of and customize. The equipment can all be customized on your robot, and you can even change the appearance of the robot.

Any adventures that you go on, you can take the robot with you. The biggest part of Blockstar Planet is the game world, which is where you will find a ton of games that are MMO style and there are games that focus on robot-vs-robot battles. There is loot in the game that allows you to change the abilities and appearance of your robot even more.

You will earn points just by blasting the enemies, and there are several arenas to go into where you can battle against other players. Beyond killing the other robots to earn points, you can also get more points just by helping out other players. If you help out others kill their enemies, you will earn points and also make new friends. In BlockstarPlanet, you can like the robots of the other players and leave comments, making Blockstar Planet a great community to both have fun and compete.

This is one of the most unique types of virtual worlds out there. There is just so much to explore and so many ways to connect with other players and robots. The controls are a bit different and might take some getting used to compared to other games, but overall a great block-building game to try out if you want to be involved in a new type of online community.

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