Besties 4Ever Competition Winners Announced

Each and every week here at mspcheatsblog, we login to MovieStarPlanet to see who the winners are in the newest competition. We are going to be looking at the winners from Besties 4Ever movie competition. The amazing quality and the quantities of entries are always really cool, and it’s always surprising to see who won because there are so many great competitors that submit their movie entries.

The three winners that were chosen for the Besties 4Ever competition have shown to stick to the theme perfectly and did an outstanding job at crafting their movie with a lot of thought.

Now it’s time to take a look at the three winners of the Besties 4Ever competition.

In first place was JasonMan12 with “Awkward Difficulties”. Congratulations!


In second place this week was MaddyLuv23 with “Opposites Attract—Besties forever!” Let us take a moment to say congratulations!

In third place for this competition was Zendaya7819 with the movie “Best Friends Til the End! Sad Story”. Congratulations!

The submissions for the Mythical Pet competition have now closed, but voting is currently open, so you need to pay attention to the site because we will be announcing those winners here soon.

The newest competition is still up and running until next week, so make sure you get your submission in within the next couple days. We just want to say again congratulations to all the winners, and keep the submissions coming because each and every week we are amazed at the amount of movies being made and the hard work being put into your unique and creative ideas.

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