Star Studio: New Moviestarplanet App!

Star Studio is the newest app from Moviestarplanet!  This new app is available for both Android and Apple iOS devices and best of all, it’s free!  Star Studio allows you to bring MSP with you but with a new twist…


The objective of the game is to create the best movie sets to attract the best movie stars.  Star Studio players get to design their very own movie sets, costume departments, and even celebrity hangouts!


Customize your sets and areas with tons of cool items and props!  Then use your awesome movie sets to attract the most talented movie stars.


It’s up to you to design and customize the entire Star Studio map so yours is the best!  You can even share your studio with your friends!


You can change almost anything to create the ultimate movie studio set!  You’ll gain a higher status as your studio becomes more popular.


Star Studio allows you to create your very own movie star world.  Best of all, you can transfer the fame and Starcoins you earn to your Moviestarplanet account!


So join in the fun and try out Star Studio today!  It’s free to play so what are you waiting for?!

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