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We have gotten quite a few players asking “who is Pumpchkin?”  Pumpchkin is one of the most famous players on MovieStarPlanet.  She is ranked in the top 3 for the MSP leaderboards at a level 25, she is a “Legendary Movie Star.”  Pumpchkin has over 25 million Starcoins in her account.


She also has a large following of players who refer to themselves as Porters or “Team Pump.”  Along with Pumpchkin’s popularity comes a lot of hate from some players.  Some do it out of jealousy, others say she and her followers bully people.


Pumpchkin is very active on Moviestarplanet, often holding competitions for other players to be in her videos.  Despite the bullying rumors, Pumpchkin claims to be very anti-bullying and loves her fans.


There are a lot of rumors surrounding Pumpchkin, but none have been proven to be true.  Here are a few of them:

  • Pumpchkin’s dad created Moviestarplanet
  • She has dated two people at once
  • She’s a hacker
  • She uses other accounts to bully people

Despite all of the hatred towards Pumpchkin, she continues to be a source of interest for many players wondering just who is Pumpchkin?  Like real celebrities, she continues to go on with support from her fans and doesn’t let the hate get to her.

83 Responses to “Team Pump – Who is Pumpchkin”

  1. savanna says:

    she is rude i tried to talk to her and she igrord me

  2. Lilly says:

    seriously she should b banned from

  3. Taybah says:

    add ishacool shes famous to and oh yeah candired there both really popular and there movies are great but ishacools attitude is bad she is a meany

  4. i have no idea if she is rude , i just have seen the rumors .

  5. kyndal says:

    she is nice to me

  6. katie says:

    she never has time to answer everyone she is the best tho

  7. Jhon says:

    Yea I agree with savanna! And the pumpchkin, used to be my sisters account! But mean pump, had to take it away from her at the café. She’s rude, mean , and most of alllll, a BULLY! I need my pump account back for my sis.! help! And also on my account my user is courtneypearl, and, I bought the VIP for a full year! But I never got it … when can I get my VIP? It was a total of $79.99 = $80.00!!! in my own money! helpppppppppppp! And can u send the pass for pump back to my account? Thanks I would love it bye! I’m courtneypearl.

    • Amelia says:

      Pump was your sister’s account? I’m her BFF in real life. She is now at MackymaxD, lolzpanda. She goes on youtube as Aslin Loading.

  8. Md says:

    Their is prove that She dates 2 guys at once,She is going to marry Reily,But In her youtube vidoe,She says that their are secretly daiting.She acts Nice,But when I think about the other users,I wonder……oh well Have a good wedding pump

  9. pumpchkin is really nice

  10. bffls595 says:

    Guys…..Pumpchkin is not all that bad! none of the famous one are MyBeau is my friend and says that pump is not a bad person. People just assume because they are jealous or her and her high level and all her money! it needs to stop. she is only at a young age and all this bullying is for the birds. Its to much stress on a kids shoulders and can cause lots of problems with the brain! my Dad IS a doctor! I would know. Please just stop hating!

    • KAYLA says:

      Look kids aren’t the same these days. U think there so sensitive and honest but ppl don’t take the time to ask the kids their opinion. The kids know more than u think. I should know I’m a kid.

  11. pumpchkin says:

    you know what stop talking mean about me p.s. im pumpchkin plz stop im really nice i really wish i could add you all but my account got hacked! im really sorry guys 🙁

  12. Sarah says:

    I’m pump

  13. sam says:

    i hate you tell me her password

  14. Mimi says:

    On a youtube video i saw tonnes of famous msp stars in there, but guess whoelse I saw… Anonoumous! There must of been five of them omg it was really freaky. One of them was even making death threats to people! Add me, I am called: (by the way i have five accounts)
    lila lou, #Lola Lou, Cutipops, Cutipopsxxx, XXCutipopsXX
    I hope we can be friends!!!

  15. Leslie says:

    Stop the hate imagine being nice to people and people being mean to u

  16. Cupklake Usa add me says:

    She doesn’t know what it’s like to be bullied. Almost everyday I get bullied at school and cyberbullied but when I talk to her, she says nothing! I literally msg her Hi every other day yet no response. When I talked to mybeau she actually listened 🙂 That’s why I’m not a porter!

  17. I love this article it is very true. NO hate. xoxo,
    Ferrets Are Cute

  18. hate pump says:

    she is very mean!!!!!!!!

  19. hate pump says:

    trust she got hacked by a video and its real but when i first saw her she was very mean!!!!!! she’s lying her parents doesn’t play moviestarplanet so see can’t get pormisson she adds vip and I’m being vip soon

  20. Iil wolf 123 says:

    Hey pump dint ever answer me but I think she’s nice but I rely like her (as a friend) 🙂 oh and friend me I’m caile 142 .. Any way I have been hacked ;( it was rely hard

    • katie says:

      I was hacked to and I found out because I was missing money and I sent gifts to people when I never did also I messaged people when I didnt

  21. Hey pump never answered me but I know she’s nice I love her looks (as a friend) oh and ppl fiend me I’m caile 142 … oh and I have been hacked and it’s hard :'(

  22. Aidan James says:

    The new list as of may 2 2014 for highscores is
    4.Vivi Giovanni
    7.Donnie C

  23. Aidan James says:

    yea unfortunately she passes Mybeau again 🙁

  24. Miss trinity says:

    I don’t really know about her but most people say that The whole team pump is bully and they harash their own fans whatever .

  25. kayline says:

    I send her requests over and over and she doesn’t accept any of them and I message her over and over and she never answers and I even comment on her art books and movies and EVEN HER GUEST BOOK and she ignores me all the time! mybeau on the other hand messages me now and again but her parents don’t allow her to friend random ppl……:p

  26. sunshine girl18 says:

    Oh… so THAT’S who Pump is. I’ve been wondering for a little while… Some people say she is…. blah blah blah. You know. Please add me on MSP! I am sunshine girl18, or add my back up sassysorbet1234. I’ll always accept. Thanks!

  27. sunshine girl18 says:


  28. jimena says:

    i ask her to be my friend she never answers im on level 11 she 84 by the way my name for msp girlgirlpreety

  29. jimena says:

    girlygirlpreety no spaces all together the one on level 11 check my room out its preety it fully done

  30. Tracy says:

    I actully belive that pump deleted her account and pumps dad is MSP + im locked out 4 nothing.

  31. talor says:

    pump is a packer friend cara6000 and join my team cute and cool 😀 my sis made the team her name is black pumpy friend me delete pumpchkin and please get cara6000 to the top please haters are evil i want pumps code!! btw me and u pumps code is imhot100

  32. talor says:

    need a bf singal

  33. Mel says:

    Actually pump is nice she accepted my friend request btw add me prettygirl square 🙂

  34. dixielouve says:

    wow get a life

  35. sarina says:

    ugh pumpchkin don’t get me started

  36. sarina says:

    and by the way im marissa the awesome

  37. blooFREAK101 says:

    Why is everyone so mean to each other I have meant pumpchkin and she is the nicest person on earth people are so mean to her she is NOT a hacker or a bully team pump

  38. Katelyn Zink says:

    Hey pump did you know I hate you so much I never like you your mean I like mybeau better then you! 🙂

  39. Amelia says:

    No hate please. Pump got hacked. She’s bullied a lot on the internet. 🙁

  40. Kate says:

    Ok I’m sick and tired of all this pump Is rude pump is nice either way it just a game yes she famouse she got all these clothes and is on the top list for movie stars but it a game I’m not on anyone side but I will say this why can’t we all live in peace she not really famouse you don’t see her on tv just in a pixel game so stop with the rumors n live in peace your suppose to have fun even if your not famous -NerdyNummys!

  41. kimberly jacob says:


  42. jalyssa says:

    Stop hating on pumpchkin she is nice. No
    one should hate her she is nice and loveing
    and caring.

    SO stop being rude stupid $o mind your own

  43. SeeJay Play`s Msp says:

    pumpchkin have u got uk login account im Xx Ella Jones xX

  44. Narwhais Rule! (amber says:

    She DOES bully people on other accounts. Not trying to spread hate, but have you seen that one forum??

  45. milanacubana says:

    I really want her password and follow me on map my name is milanacubana67 and don’t friend me off me I can’t have any more friends pumchkin dose it answer her text

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