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How to Be a VIP for Free

If you don’t want to pay for VIP on MSP, there are a couple ways to get VIP for free.  The first way is to win a competition.  If you come in first in a competition, you can win up to 14 days of VIP.

Another way is to use a membership hack software.  I will be adding a VIP membership hack program for download soon so check back!


How to Make a Movie on Moviestarplanet

Making a MSP video is pretty easy if you follow our simple guide.  If you want to make a youtube video this is the easiest way is to use a screen recorder to capture your player on screen.  Follow the steps below to see how to film a movie:

1. Go to the Movie Town area and click on the sign that says “New Movie.”

2. Choose which movie stars will be in your movie.  You can choose your own character or any of your friends’ characters to star in your movie.

3. Choose the costumes that your actors will wear.

4. Customize the background and music for each scene.  Also pick what your actors will say in the movie.  You can shop for more content for your scenes if you need more.

5. Edit your scenes and put them together for the final product.

6. When your movie is edited, hit “Publish”.  Share it with your friends if you want!

How to Get Starcoins and Money

If it’s your goal to get lots of Starcoins and money as fast as possible on MSP you’ve come to the right place.  There are a few ways to earn Starcoins quick in Moviestarplanet.

1. Play games to earn Starcoins. Try catwalk, dress up, crazy cards, casting, and quiz games.

2. Make a “look” and get other movie stars to buy your look.

3. Watch other players movies.  You can earn Star Coins just for watching movies!

4. Get a VIP membership.  VIP members earn more Starcoins than regular members.

5. Spin the daily coin wheel to win Star Coins.

6. Make your own movies and share them.  You get Starcoins every time someone views your movie.

7. Make other accounts and use them to rate your own movies, looks, and other stuff!

8. Love other people’s pets.  You can earn a few star coins for every pet you love.

Hopefully this helps you guys get loads of money! I’ll be adding more ways to get Star Coins soon too.


How to Level-Up Fast on Moviestarplanet

The more players that love your works, the faster you level-up.  The key to leveling-up faster in Moviestarplanet is to make good movies and looks that other players will love!

You can level-up fast using some of the same techniques you use to earn Starcoins.  Here are some ideas below:

1. Make short movies with your friends characters in them.  This way your movie will be shown to more players and you have a better chance of it getting a higher rating.  The better ratings you get for your movie, the faster you level-up.

2. Compete for awards. You can level-up fast if you win more awards.

3. Offer to trade other players movie views for autographs or something like that.  Say “I’ll watch 5 of your movies for 3 autographs.”  Whatever you come up with for a deal.

How to Get a Boyfriend on Moviestarplanet

When you meet a guy you think you like on Moviestarplanet, you can ask him to be your boyfriend.  But first you will want to see the steps below for how to get a boyfriend in MSP.

1. Find a guy you like talking to and seems nice.  You don’t want to get a mean boyfriend.

2. Talk to him for a little while to get to know him.

3. When you click on him, you’ll see the option to add  him as a boyfriend.  Click that button.

4. Wait for him to reply to your request.  If he declines, you can keep talking to him if you want or just go try to get a boyfriend somewhere else.

How Do You Get Diamonds on Moviestarplanet?

You have to be a VIP to get diamonds on MSP.  You can get a VIP membership using some of the ways I’ve said above.  That’s the only way to get diamonds in Moviestarplanet.


How to Kiss on MSP

In order to kiss on Moviestarplanet, you have to buy the “kiss” action in the animation shop.  You and your boyfriend or girlfriend should both purchase it from the animation shop so it looks more realistic.

How to Change Your Username on Moviestarplanet

Most of the time, you cannot change your username on MSP.  However, there are special cases where they will let you change your username.  If you want to change your user name on msp you need to contact their Support center and ask them if you can change it.

Usually they will only let you change your user name if you accidentally used your real name.  Otherwise, they will probably just tell you to make a new account.

How to Change Your Password on MSP

If you want to know how to change your password on Moviestarplanet, just follow these steps.

1. Click on your character and go to “My Profile”.

2. At the top right area you’ll see a button that says “Change Password”, click on it.

3. Then just enter your email and password information and change your password.

How to Become Famous on Moviestarplanet

Everyone wants to be rich and famous, so If you want to earn a ton of fame on moviestarplanet you should follow the steps on how to level-up quick above.  Or you can try a few of these suggestions:

1. Make a bunch of short movies with your friends then spread the word around MSP to get people to watch them.  You’ll earn more experience points if more people watch your film.

2. Play games to earn more fame points.  You can get points every time you win a game.

3. Enter competitions with your movies.  More people will watch your movies if you enter them in a competition and you have the chance of becoming famous if your movie is good enough.

By doing all of this you should be well on your way to becoming a celeb in the game!

How to Hack Accounts on MSP

We do not recommend that our readers do this as it’s against the tos of the game.

How to Redeem a Code on Moviestarplanet

When playing Moviestarplanet, you can redeem a code by clicking on the “Become VIP” button at the top right side of your screen.  Then you’ll see a button towards the bottom that says “Redeem Code”.  You can click on the button and a box will pop up where you can redeem your code.

How to Delete Your MSP Account

If you think you’re done with playing Moviestarplanet for good, you’ll want to know how to delete your account.  To delete your account, just click on the question mark at the top right corner of your screen.  Then click on “My User” and at the bottom of the screen you’ll see a button that says “Delete User.”  Once you delete your account, it’s gone for good so be sure you want to delete it!

How to Become a Judge on Moviestarplanet

To become a judge on MSP, you have to buy a 12 month VIP membership.  Or you can use a VIP account generator to get a year long account for free.  If you buy a 3 month VIP membership, you become a jury member so you can still vote but the judge has the final say.

How to Report Someone on Moviestarplanet

Sometimes other MSP users do things are against the rules but many players don’t know how to report someone.  It’s actually pretty easy.  All you have to do is click on their username to bring up their profile then click on the exclamation mark inside of the yellow triangle.  Then just click on the “Report” button and give a short description of what they did to break the rules.


How Old is Moviestarplanet?

Movie Star Planet was created in 2009.

How to Get a Pet for Free

The best way to get a free pet in MovieStarPlanet is to get a VIP membership.  This way you can earn points faster so your pet will pretty much be free.

How to Walk Your Pet on MSP

It’s easy to walk your pet on Moviestarplanet.  On the left side of your screen, you’ll see your avatar with a speech bubble above them.  Click on the icon that looks like a dog and then choose which pet to bring with you.  After that, click on the “Save” button and your pet will follow you wherever you go!

How to Join a Club on Moviestarplanet

If you’re wondering how to join a club in Moviestarplanet, just go to MovieTown and click on “Clubs”.  Then you can look through the whole list of clubs available to join.  you can search for clubs and even sort them by type.

Once you find a club you want to join, click on the title to view the club.  Then at the top of the screen you’ll see an icon next to the club name that says “Click to become a member of this club.”  Just click on that button to join the club.

How to Do Fancy Writing on MSP

You have to be a VIP to do fancy writing on Moviestarplanet.  Just click on the speech bubble like you are going to type something and then a circle with 4 colors will pop up.  Click on that circle to view your options for the writing.

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