Movie Star Planet Cheats

Earning Starcoins takes a lot of time and can be frustrating.  Playing games and watching videos can get boring after a while.  Sometimes you just wish there would be some cheats for Moviestarplanet.  Well there’s one cheat that I know so here it is:

1. Make sure your pet is following you.

2. Play the Quiz game.


3. Tap the spacebar twice and you’ll see your avatar appear.

4. Click the “Home” button and you’ll have a ton of Starcoins!

This MSP cheat doesn’t work for everyone but I’ve gotten it to work before.  You might have to try it a couple times for it to work. When you enter the Quiz game with your pet, it will go really slow but just follow the steps and the cheat should work.

That’s the only Moviestarplanet cheat I know right now.  If you know how to do any other MSP cheats, please share in the comments!  I’ll add new cheats as soon as I figure them out.

If this cheat isn’t working for you, try using the Money Maker to get unlimited Starcoins.

48 thoughts on “Movie Star Planet Cheats

    • first u scroll over ur profile you will see the pet face icon click it it will tell u which pet do u want to take with u . U click which one then it will follow you whever you go !!

  1. i just figured out a new glitch on msp.just go 2 the quiz and win it after that you might win like 5000 fame but im not sure if it is gonna work 4 u but It worked for meh

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