Make a Movie on MovieStarPlanet

Making movies on Moviestarplanet is easy once you know how!  This guide will show you exactly how to make a movie on MSP.  By the time you go through the steps, you’ll be an expert director and producer!


A big part of Moviestarplanet is making movies as you may have guessed.  You can cast your own movies, design your actors’ wardrobes, choose the scene, and even write the script!  After you make your MSP movie, you can enter it in competitions, share it with your friends, or post it to Youtube.

Here is how you make a movie on Moviestarplanet:

1. Go to Movie Town on the main menu.

2. Then click on “Movies”.

3. At the top you’ll see a director’s board with a + sign on it, click that button to start creating your movie.

4. Now you can begin making your movie scenes.  Along the bottom of the screen you’ll see buttons where you can add or remove actors to the scene.  You can also add items to the scene, change the background, and also change the music.

5. Add different scenes to your movie and edit them however you want!

6. When you’re done, click the “Save” button at the top right side of the screen.  You can choose if you want to share your video with friends or keep it private for only you to see.

That’s all it takes to make a movie in Moviestarplanet.  You can buy more scene backgrounds, items, and outfits to make your movies even better!  Once you get some practice, try making a movie and entering it in a competition!

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  1. oh I already know how to make movies , but this is a great website to show how to make movies ! thx so much you helped many of my friends that are NEW on msp ! bye , love princess perfect j .

  2. PinkGamer4Life says:

    🙂 cool

  3. hey hope u like msp movies !

  4. maya08 says:

    how do u change ur background when ur making the movie so like in 1 scene u have a house background and in the next scene it goes to the city background? plz reply quickly!

  5. littlemisscherry says:

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  7. NOT TELLINNG says:

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  8. Thanks for the help 🙂

  9. random says:

    how do u post on u tube ur msp vid?

  10. carys says:

    its a cheat if you get caught msp could band you but i no somthing that isnt a cheat but still works do not download thhis warning

  11. i l0ve pugs says:

    Hi, Im i l0ve pugs (o is a zero) and i love msp. Msp is a fun game,but sometime it gets boring, so I make movies! Check them out!
    -i l0ve pugs

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