MovieStarPlanet Accounts and Passwords – Play VIP for Free

Moviestarplanet is available for free to all players but if you want to get the most out of the game, it’s best to have a VIP membership.  Now if you don’t want to buy a VIP membership or if you don’t want to try and hack one either, you can take a look at this page and find some MSP accounts and passwords.

I’ll update this page with Moviestarplanet VIP accounts and passwords as I find them to share them with you!  Some players get tired of their MSP account and decide to stop playing.  Well if they still have VIP it shouldn’t go to waster should it?  I don’t think so.


If you or anyone you know has a MSP VIP account and password that they don’t use anymore, please share it in the comments and I’ll add it to this page.  I’ll do my best to keep this list of accounts and passwords updated as I find new ones.

Everyone should get the chance to play Moviestarplanet VIP for free!  There’s so much you can do with a VIP member account and password.  Earn more Starcoins and get famous quicker with a VIP account.

All it will take is a few people to start sharing their unused accounts and passwords and more will catch on.  Add yours in the comments if you aren’t using it anymore so someone else can!

1,044 Responses to “MovieStarPlanet Accounts and Passwords – Play VIP for Free”

  1. anyone have one pwease pwease? i need one imr achel palooza on msp 🙁 ive been waiting for 4 YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG

  2. tiffany says:

    I did download! and tell me pumpchkins password

  3. says:

    omg I realy want VIP my mam wont though because its too much but try and get it outa yhur cedit that’s what I do try it out!! xoxo

    • Someobne says:

      Hey,! I hope you watching this because we got some tip for VIP ONE YEAR + ELITE! Here is that cool and easy tip:
      Its go like this: Go to 1 year VIP Elite And Click Pay Pay
      Then go down and you will see button for cancel it. Click it then and write
      your e-mail adress. Wait a week and you will get a VIP Elite for One YEAR!!! Not sure it work but in Sunday I will be. Good luck!

      Hope you understand this and will be helpful for you and lots off others player!

      Your Someobne!

  4. Jack says:

    my vip name is Ima VIP Girl pass is hellobabesiloveua

  5. Jack says:

    u have 10 mins to go on the account and u can chnage the pass and do anything if u dont its mine or im selling it for any and its 1 year vip and i stated to be on yesterday go!

  6. shadow says:

    please as soon as possible give me one

  7. HELLO :) says:

    Ok. Username: xobsessionanimex Password: lolabob

  8. mspfan says:

    if u r part the vip u should KNOW!!!

  9. Brooke Pyne says:

    can someone get me a vip plz i will give away free animal jam members soon with arctic wolf and cheetah ect… plz

    • Someobne says:

      Hey, Brooke Pyne! Here is some tip for VIP:
      Its go like this: Go to 1 year VIP Elite And Click Pay Pay
      Then go down and you will see button for cancel it. Click it then and write
      your e-mail adress. Wait a week and you will get a VIP Elite for One YEAR!!! Not sure it work but in Sunday I will be. Good luck!

      Your Somebne!

      • some dude that i know says:

        excuse me but i waited over 12 days ir doesnt work anymore now i have to pay for it dumb…..

        • Jenna VIP Giver says:

          Hi there! 🙂 You see I have been saving up money to buy 6 of you people 1 week of Super VIP.

          My main acc is: IHasCupcake21

          But message me on my other account named: Iroaring
          Cause I get too many messages on IHasCupcake21 >.<

          All I need is your Password and your Username.
          But you have to be ATLEAST level 6 or higher. 😀

          Thank You for Reading,
          .~ Jenna

  10. rosemoonbeam says:


  11. Alisha says:

    plz is there anymore free v.i.p.? the download don’t work for me. my user is

    bubblefizz australian msp!

    • Someobne says:

      Hey Alisha! I think you read that tip for VIP. Anyway here it is:
      Its go like this: Go to 1 year VIP Elite And Click Pay Pay
      Then go down and you will see button for cancel it. Click it then and write
      your e-mail adress. Wait a week and you will get a VIP Elite for One YEAR!!! Not sure it work but in Sunday I will be. Good luck!

    • Haley says:

      to get a free vip u can also wait until lvl 20!!!:)

  12. katie says:

    wow so fun
    i love it.

  13. katie says:

    so fun i love it.

  14. katie says:

    but soso
    so i dont know if i like iy or not plez give me time to tink abut it .

    and why dose evry person that goz to movie star planeat have to be fancy.
    i dont get it.

  15. Baby Angel Cakes says:

    Wait I’m pretty sure its USER: Babies PASS: love11

  16. free account :) says:

    username: rawr57800
    Password: teddy123 DO NOT CHANGE THE PASSWORD OK!!!!!

  17. cookie says:

    my pass is awsome123

  18. Bri says:

    how do you download??

  19. victoria says:

    i have a free vip account that acullay works the username is sscute1237/8 the password is icypop123 the level is five its a year vipi hope you injoy dont change the password plz thankyou bye

  20. anna.b says:

    i want vip help please?? how to get vip 4 free??

    • Someobne says:

      Hey anna.b! You know here is a tip:
      Its go like this: Go to 1 year VIP Elite And Click Pay Pay
      Then go down and you will see button for cancel it. Click it then and write
      your e-mail adress. Wait a week and you will get a VIP Elite for One YEAR!!! Not sure it work but in Sunday I will be. Good luck!

      Hope it works!
      Your Someobne!

  21. lily says:

    Username :kitty45321
    Password:kitty123 got vip for a whole year its epic

  22. kyndal says:

    twerkmileyup01 and password is 12354mj546 ENJOY my VIP account i have 30 MORE !!!!

  23. Ariba Zafar says:

    Can you send me a VIP account. Thank You

  24. Dalton says:

    ill tell me my user and password if you give me yours 🙂

  25. i know someone who is a VIP and she is me so if ur a boy u cant take it caz shes a girl of course caz im a girl so if u want her then tell me so i can give it to u but in return u have to give me ur account u are using right now and she must be over level3+ ok she can be level 3 my account is level6 so u can change her pass and everything and if u dont believe me her name is Ariana1110 if she ran out of VIP then trust me she was and mabye she i had enough of VIP and i want a non VIP one but over level 2 (lets say) and has a lot of stuff so i can have fun if u reply to me and give me ur pass and user then i will give u my account im using right now thxs and remeber these to have my VIP account:
    1.Must be over level 2
    2.Has lots of stuff (so i can have fun)
    3.Dont say im a lair
    4.In return u give me ur account (pass and user)

    if i have any more things i need to add then i will i hope u will enjoy my VIP account

    lots of love

    • Someobne says:

      Hey pretty princess!
      I will (maybe) be a VIP but there’s no option i will give away( Add me iStoleYour iPhone). You really want be a VIP and have fun? Good, so here is tip I shared lots of time:
      Its go like this: Go to 1 year VIP Elite And Click Pay Pay
      Then go down and you will see button for cancel it. Click it then and write
      your e-mail adress. Wait a week and you will get a VIP Elite for One YEAR!!! Not sure it work but in Sunday I will be. Good luck!

      Hope t works! (Hope you really pretty xD)
      Your Someobne ( there was a write mistake…)

    • i want u amazing acount i will obviously give u my acount it is lovely and girly aswell

    • richaun smith says:

      missnani1234 queenie12

    • lucy says:

      user hotgirl00090 pass zeina1

  26. HI ! Its princess perfect j from USA msp , and I wanted to ask you guys a quick , uninsalting question . Could I plz have autos and gifts on msp because I need to get to the next level , – love princess 🙂

  27. victoria says:

    username sscute1237/8
    password lolz123

  28. anne says:


  29. Klaudia says:

    Every time i try to get an account, it says that the pass or user is not right :[ Not FAIR!

  30. belle says:

    can some one give me a vip for a year with lots of dimods and sc account pls

  31. jason says:

    thanks for the accounts im goin to hacked all of u bye!!!!

    • Victoria says:

      I believe it’s not called hacking but pretty much getting lied to because all
      Of these accounts do not work 🙁

      • Someobne says:

        Victoria don’t worry! Here’s the tip 🙂
        Its go like this: Go to 1 year VIP Elite And Click Pay Pay
        Then go down and you will see button for cancel it. Click it then and write
        your e-mail adress. Wait a week and you will get a VIP Elite for One YEAR!!! Not sure it work but in Sunday I will be. Good luck!

  32. jakob143 says:


  33. Victoria says:

    Hi guys it’s me again Vicky I’m givingone of you my level three acc rember the sscute1237/8 I changed the password to oh nvm I’m accualy giving out VIP so if you want it message me on my user prettygirl6493 any acc any level I’ll makevip plus diamonds and sc and fame love you all msp you guys are the best

  34. Cool me says:

    Hi am VIP my account is Lolz710 and my pass is coolestgirl1398
    I have a lot of nice things and 5 boonies and1900sc and1009diamonds hope you enjoy if you like change the password

  35. That Victoria girl is lieng she was my friend that’s why I said that her account works she’s a big lier

  36. Someobne says:

    Hey Guys! Here’s Someobne! I’m giving away account DinaRockIt! Message me iStoleYour iPhone! 🙂

  37. sadia says:

    hey every one i want a vip accc plzzzz……….

  38. sadia says:

    plzzzzzz….. can i have i will return plzzz and i am from use msp

  39. lucy says:

    My MSP name is Nikkiwesten 18329{remeber the space between the nikkiwesten and the 18329}

  40. hi im albin444 and my pass is lolmann12 i vill be VIP becus my parents dont vil let me be VIP

  41. Sami says:

    Hey someone msg me a msp account with VIP! Or reply to this. My user is rainbowpizza69

  42. xD says:

    Can anyone give out canada vip acc? PLZ?????

  43. YouDontNeedToKnow says:

    Hey! Add me on my account Angel Lies (with spaces) It used to be a vip.. I’m making it VIP again so anyone want to trade accounts? ^.^

    • Saeeda Maher says:

      I will trade accounts with ya but mine isnt a vip but its a very good one which is user:whos the prettiest here boys (remember the spaces). for the password send me a message then ill tell you because if i write it here everyone will hack it……

    • Taylor says:

      i wanna trade accounts do you mind having a boy it is LOLinitbruv message me back on MSP

    • epicitaly says:

      i want to trade account isnt a vip but its good
      i will message you the details

  44. angela says:

    ok here it gose i dont want my vip account USER:Angela password:ang123

  45. the bowdster says:

    heyy i would like a vip on msp so can u msage me any accounts u dnt want pls, btw my name on there is “the bowdster” ty if ya do

  46. Amanda says:

    Can someone message me the user name and password to a VIP account? My username is ZebraSwag66

  47. Hey , msp fans ! I am looking for a level three or higher acc ! it does not have to be vip , i just want a acc level three or higher thx ! plz message me and if your giving the pass to me , change it to fellabella123 bye !

  48. victoria says:

    hey guys rember me i told you guys i give free vip but here how it workes i need your password but i cant hack because if yur level two you cant even give gifts or anything so theres no point but i will use a hacking device downloaded on my computer to put in sc and dimonds and vip for you the aproixment value of the sc and dimonds is 1,000,000 thats how much

  49. Shinx says:

    My account is Lugia its lvl7 and the pass is soulsilver5 by now probably someone changed it but quickly do it my new acc it lvl19 so im giving lugia away sooo enjoy:p

  50. kitty says:

    can i have a password and user name to a VIP please?

  51. Emmy says:

    hey guys im giving away an account for an account my user is andemm and mesage me thx and friend me too tell me you want my account

  52. little princess(yezzzz) says:

    hey guys i want a vip acc so if u get one can u give me a request my name is hottmama1256 so if u find one give me a request ok and my real name is suehaily garcia

  53. little princess(yezzzz) says:

    I’m giving away an account its called
    perfume1290and the pass is
    hope u like her she not a vip and she has a bonnie and a nice room and a bf

  54. Little princess says:


  55. Perfect in pink (yes it's true) says:

    Hey guys if u have a VIP acc or now how to hack VIPs and sc and diamonds plz give me a request my user is hottmama1256

  56. nadia says:

    my VIP user is eaby27 and mu password is zoya22

  57. DatOneGirly says:

    Anyone have a VIP account they don’t want msg me at DatOneGirly

  58. olivia says:

    does anyone have a vip account i can have

  59. noor says:

    ok this will never work and I don’t know how to hack other accounts got any codes reply to me a code on twitter my name is @sweet_angle333 thank you and bye peace out

  60. kaitlyn says:

    i dont no if it workd I don’t think so cos I coud not finde pay pay and when I did tri I was frisking out cos I thout I bought it and I did not no what to do and I just wanted to cry

  61. Icecreamlove#1 says:

    If you have a VIP u don’t want message me one msp at icecreamlove#1 or mrs.diva3000 or jazzluffsyou

  62. denis says:

    i have one old account
    username: prettygirl33
    guys dont change the password please

    • didi says:

      sorry it did not work 🙁 someone changed the pass does anyone has an account that they don’t need that is TRUE??i need an account i am having alot of trouble creating an account cuz it is not letting me please reply it to me oh and happy new years i really want an account for new years

  63. rebecca says:

    hey prettygirl6493 thxs so much for the vip

  64. victoria says:

    ok its me prettygirl ok cupcakemoshi321 what im trying to tell you is that i have givin you your vip so my company my website has emailed you by your email adress which i just discoverd soo hopefully you have gotten thee mail i hope u injoy the vip

  65. ~Celine~ says:

    I need vip~ plz my account is ~Celine~

  66. ~Celine~ says:

    I need vip plz my account is ~Celine~

  67. blanca says:

    can someone please give me a vip account add me on msp as 20%skill then message me user and pass please and thank you

  68. victoria says:

    it never work its so stupid but I would really want a cool accout

  69. mspisawesome says:

    I don’t like it when people change the passwords

  70. Eloise says:

    i really love msp but my vip ran out last year my mum doesnt have the money for vip so i cant have it because i have a disabled little brother so if anyone had an account that would be great . thanks ,

  71. Eloise says:

    all the people who have said something b4 they dont work because people have already used them and changed the pass please message me on this if u have a vip account id be really greatful thanks please message on msp :millyharriet2808 xxx

  72. Chloe Hotsprings24 says:

    I need vip but the 1 that people use does not work

  73. amina says:

    can i plz have a free vip account, i really need one thnx message me usser:PEACEbao
    if not dats algoods but plz, if u want u can swap with my account…..

  74. Emma$$$21 says:

    Hi, I would like to be vip plzzz, my account is Emma$$$21.

  75. hug says:

    plz can i have one

  76. someone you dont need to know says:

    hey! does anyone have a vip account I can have or at least go on for a little bit I promise I wont change the pass or anything if you do please message me my msp username is bunnyboo295295 thanks!x

  77. Maia says:

    User: EpicGal112233
    Pass: 112233123112233
    If you want to be upgraded a lot more do NOT change the password. User is level 5 and has elite vip for a year. I will renew it for you too. It has 600 Diamonds and 10000 coins for a shopping spree. YW! 😀

  78. beary says:

    I have been wating 6 years to get msp membership but i never got any because i dont have any money please please tell me if anyone has a vip code that works many thanks xxx

  79. Alijah says:

    Hi my username is girlliegirl10 and my pas is family10

  80. dodo says:

    can i have one plizzz?? on msp im SIGNORITTA friend me pliz!

  81. dodo says:

    i need a VIP account! pliz on msp im SIGNORITTA i can give you all my accounts (but no my fav) pliz!

  82. blanca says:

    omg guys dont believe prettygirl6493 she said she would give me free vip but instead she took some of my things i want to save some of you guys from trouble she totally lied to me dont give her any information like passwords or anything DONT TRUST HER!!!!!

  83. tercost says:

    What is pumpkins password

  84. Grace says:

    You could put in a VIP username and say forgot password….but idk if that works anymore :/

  85. zaineh says:

    I wish I had vip but my parents would not let me and I tried what someobne said but it didn’t work and now im never getting vip 🙁

  86. Alisha says:

    don’t work because I done everything but people still hack me 🙁

  87. Maddey says:

    I will give a one year membership on animal am for a VIP map account. BTW don’t try to trick me, I will check. And, on Animal jam my user is maddabellahhh. Now you can make sure that I am telling the truth. Lemme now if your interested.

  88. emmacute says:

    hi can i have a free vip my mom dosent have the money to buy it plz 🙁

  89. wow123 says:

    I can clean in one account?

  90. wow123 says:

    Hey people I really want on my account on the English MSP VIP passes with mobile phone or something similar too ^ ^ My name is there, “Cherry Cake #!”

  91. hazel says:

    do you think u could help me

  92. Desi says:

    hey i want a vip account and i cant get money to buy one so please email me

  93. Mya says:

    my name on msp is maya<mya1234 shes a lvl 9

  94. giggle x3 says:

    can someone be soo generous and send a VIP account pass and username to me Please!!!!!! ):

  95. stacie says:

    i realy need vip been waiting 5 years GGGGRRRRRR SO ANGRY NY WAY U COULD GIV MR FREE VIP

  96. rachel says:

    hey i really want free vip on my account but all of the downloads i have tried never work so if you can get me free vip that would be great if you can message me on msp my username is pprettygirll

  97. Leval Lava Land says:

    hi i really want free VIP cuz my mom said no. i tried the “paypal” thing and waited. and waited. and waited. it didn’t work. I need another strategy. pls help. yolo!

  98. anabell says:

    add me kaka11243 also please give me a VIP ACCOUNT message me the pass on MSP thanks

  99. Lexi says:

    I REALLY want a VIP but every time i enter an account the passwords been changed, i would be sooo happy if someone were to give me their account?

  100. Rebecca says:

    Hey you guys I’m prettygirl6493 unfortanly I will not be giving VIP no more so plz do not ask me

  101. please i am new here and i reale wont a vip acaunt plleeeeaaassssseeeeeee and did it work

  102. anniee123 says:

    hi! i am on msp and i know how to get your one year vip in one year! i can buy it for you if you do that cheat the people are talking about you will get banned i did it once and i got banned just message me your password my user is anniee123 my cousin is the famous dolly hacker dont be scared i stop her from hacking 🙂 if you give me your pass i PROMISE i will get you a vip or change your pass to sup123 and messege me when you did 🙂 i dont hack i helped a lot of people before i helped a girl named cuteswagcat

  103. Secret8D rocks says:

    my user name:Secret8D rocks
    pass: alysha02

  104. scarlet095 says:

    FREE ACCOUNT maybe vip I don’t remember u find out ur self I think its user-girlsrule1290 and pw-sammi2003 if this is wrong message me

  105. many says:

    didn’t work

    • Ell says:

      SOMEONE GET ME A VIP ACC C: Add me on : BeckyStarz or IceCreamIsMyLife699 x I want it to be a suprise for my little sister xoxo PLEASE! xox

  106. why cant i have vip owe why

  107. Plz tell me an account privately on msp ! and dont give it an email if your giving it to me ! plz

  108. monsterhighrocks12345ts(msp account not saying real name or my pass to account) says:

    hey cna u give me a free vip acount plz if so tel it to me in my emails 🙂

  109. Daniel John says:

    PLease somebody give me ur vip account for 1 year cos I want and need one plz somebody be nice at least i’ll give u something awesome

  110. khadija says:

    i do want to be a vip on moviestarplanet please

  111. lizzy bell says:

    message me with an account please

  112. CuteLexie! says:

    Hi can anyone lend me a vip account for free and ill give u a good account thanks x

  113. Mira says:

    i have a vip account
    username: Mira 105
    Password: tareq1970

  114. marwa says:

    CAN I PLEASE PLEASE GET FREE VIP! please? I`ve been trying all websites but I just cant do it! I REALLY NEED IT! my parents have been trying to get me vip but they don’t know how to. SO PLEASE! IM ASKING PLEASE to get me vip. 🙂

  115. amanda says:

    hi on msp my name is perrie3333 Vicky can I please have vip diamonds and sc! please

  116. Emma says:

    Go in this Vip account username:coolandsmartdiva password:hiilol12345 has 3 pets also and 1 diamond

  117. Brooke says:

    Ok so I’m thinking about giving my USA msp account bbrrooookkee<3 for a VIP account she has lots of things yet no money but you can check her out online message me to that account if you want it then we can talk about passwords and stuff

  118. eliza says:

    how do u do it, it’s to HARD!

  119. Janayah says:

    Can i plz have one or add me Forever000

  120. i can tell u mine it is not a V..P but it is a girl and she is on lvl 7or6o r5

  121. kittymittylilly;user; pass babydoll9

  122. gulsum says:



  123. dimondgal says:

    I NEED a msp account that is a vip and rich plz but tell me pass and name on msp my name i have to account u can tell me on msp name maddie dimond or msphotcocooo

  124. DolceCityLife says:

    Hi! I am having lot of trouble ad I need to level up my account and get better things andVIP. Can someone please help me?

  125. tamsin says:

    here is one the perfect rose pass miley1234 tell me if it works

  126. lola says:

    can i have one ive been playing for years and i cant get vip RHHHH

  127. Xavier says:

    Thanks so much for the account! But why are you level 1?

  128. xavier says:

    Thanks so much for the account! But why level 1?

  129. DolceCityLife says:

    Sorry tamsin, it din’t work. It’s okay though! 🙂

  130. wow123 says:

    i want a vip acc on english msp ! PLEASE WRITE THE NAME AND THE PASSWORD 🙁

  131. lolgalworld says:

    omg i need dimonds and starcoins really badly 🙁

  132. coolgirl112 says:

    need a vip acc tell me in msp uk my name is kisscharlotte URGENTLY NEEDED!!!!!!

  133. wikpolo says:

    my momy has no money people are hacking me on msp and i want i vip because i go to my friends to play

  134. Aa says:

    need a vip acc msg me in msp uk kisscharlotte

  135. Streetgal says:

    Hey peeps, if you have an account that is vip ( I don’t mind for how long) with 3000+ starcoins and 5+ diamonds please messange me, streetgal. Level 13. Don’t give me fake accounts or level 0 accounts with no money. I won’t change your pass cus that’s just mean. Also if you have any spare clothes you don’t use please give them to me tysm 🙂 and tell me some working cheats.

  136. sparklez says:

    Hey here is an account!

    Soz there is no VIP but me mam won’t let me!

    If ur wonderin it is a new MSP user!
    It is started on Friday 21sy feb 2014!

    User name:
    elsa in ice dress


    pluz its a gal and if not work its coz some1 may of change pass!


  137. plz plz plz says:

    if u have a vip account message me and ill give u a account with 1600+ star coins

  138. Bryana says:

    If you want vip put ur name here

  139. Liza says:

    Hi!!! My Name is #Cutie13 (MSP) okay i would definetly like an account that has vip!!!!
    Plz email me

  140. mimi says:

    Can I Plz Have A V.i.p account plz!?

  141. Alli Winston says:

    ok guys i have a girl free msp account .The username is imsocut157911 NO SPACES OR CAPITALS! The password is allihere1 . REMEMBER!! NO SPACES OR CAPITAL LETTERS !!!

  142. agwilson212 says:

    I have over 15 VIP accounts that anyone can have, for free. sort of. If you have rares or get any rares since i have given you the account you have to give me the rares. I collect them then sell them for greets and wat now. Add me on msp: Agwilson212 for proof because I have bought vip for most of my friends. If you truely want a vip account message me on msp or email me.

  143. jessie says:

    I have more then 4 vip accounts and I have 43 rares so add me my name is ishacool and I need more rares if you want wishys gifts and the account and also
    greetings and autos I promise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Trust me

  144. timilover says:

    i want on e2! timilover

  145. Pumpchkin says:

    Thanks Everyone On MSP for supporting me I know i havent added alot of people but i need more cuter friends please add Me :] ~Pumpchkin

  146. ROXY-1 says:

    any one that wants free vip its me roxy-1 and i have a friend on moviestarplanet who is turning 14 and wants to give her account away so message me your username and password.

  147. wow123 says:

    Hello can I have got a Vip Account but I don’t change the password 🙂 Or so sorry I am from Germany :I

  148. cookiemonster is cool says:

    hi i need a vip account for uk msp please i have never been vip before

  149. LIYAH405 says:


  150. Chloe says:

    I have no idea how this works

  151. chante says:

    i have an account vip 4 a year 4 Canada user hot vip bro pass abc123

  152. Emilia says:

    I am not V.I.P but here is a user I have User: VIP boys love me55. Pass: mia222

  153. Marie says:

    Can I pleaz have a VIP account I really want one cause I have friends that r VIP and they say its cool so I really want a VIP account pleaz.

  154. jason says:

    vip 1 year.
    username jason1002.

  155. freemspstuffgiver says:

    just give me your email and password(i donot change) and ill give u free 1000 starcoins and 100 diamonds and one lucky person will get 1 year vip 🙂

  156. VIP Hope says:

    I wish I was VIP so much!! If you have a unwanted account, please message me on MSP. My name is sunshine girl18. Exactly for that. I’m level 14. Add me!

  157. christian says:

    i want vip someone

  158. abigail says:

    have 25 redeem codes if u want one gonna need a wishy 🙂 add me xxlotyxx seya

  159. san says:

    hi i want to be a FREE vip

  160. daisy sanna says:

    please can i be a vip please!!!!

  161. Brinley says:

    Can someone give me a vip account? Ive been doing the cheat for 2 months, and plus i got hacked DX
    Pleasssseee helpppppp

  162. genesis says:

    i want a elite vip please

  163. Zoe says:

    please give me a vip account my name is ZooZooStar!

  164. emilia says:

    my username: lime green girl88 Password:mia111

  165. lily says:

    i have one it lvl 13 but it rlly ugly

  166. anonymous says:

    im so sad i dont have an account people hacked mine if you are nice enough would you let me have one account

  167. karissa says:

    i have a account U:pumpi lover 1254

  168. jessica says:

    mine is lexi12345678999 and password is aj12345

  169. em says:

    please give some more accoount please

  170. eshapurple911 on MSP says:

    Hey I I have got 2 accounts so my main one is called eshapurple91 and my other one is blue snow flake 321 with spaces and prettygirl or whatever ur name is and friend me on msp and I WILL tell u the password so u can make me VIP. I’m eshapurple911 add me, thx/thanks everybody. And iv been desperate for VIP and if u have any VIP accounts u don’t need then message me.

  171. Netania says:

    can i have a vip account please ?? Someone help? i will surely help you level up!

  172. Hello I am not giving an account away but I do have an account that you can add:) It’s called Peach White And Back! I am V.I.P but yeah just add meh plz also if I give an account away you dare change the password and I’ll search my name and I will report you hahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!! 😀

  173. Someone Hacked My Vip Account Omg -.- level 20! LEVEL 20! my god i was level 20! I JUST HATE PEOPLE! UGHHHHHHHHH! PLease Help me DX

  174. maha says:

    can I please have diamonds and starcoins and vip freee plz

  175. CountryGirl1813 says:

    Can I have VIP please? User: Countrygirl1813 (Backup) Pass: horses1000 I just want to give the items I get to my active account.
    Not sharing my active account info.

  176. Lauren148 says:

    I want a VIP account please and I will give you ur wl, auto, and a gift from my wardrobe and I’m lauren148 level 6! Message meh for a account withVIP clothes!

  177. eten100 says:


  178. Shay says:

    Can Somebody Please Email me a Vip Account And Password Please? Ive Never Had Vip And I Really Want It Ive Been Playing Since i Was 10 And Im 14. Please? Thank You Whoever Decides To Help me!

  179. hunter7609 says:

    do you have to pay for it for 3 mouths

  180. jotrina says:

    me want vip. add me a ” pi day!”

  181. MISSY says:

    heres a REAL ACCOUNT user:RedRose!!! pass:redrose4 enjoy 🙂

  182. Amber says:

    I have VIP!!!! it on ierland though its xxxhottiexxx

  183. nyla says:

    can i have it

  184. Jancy says:

    USER: kate 300
    PASS: katey3
    not using it, level 5 and almost level 6 and non VIP AND has boring clothes
    PLZ look after her and dont change pass. if you do change da pass…….YOU’LL REGRET IT……………………………………..

  185. ciara says:

    I have a account no VIP but its user:pow star pass: powstar1 place do not change pass plzzs yall can all get on it but do not change the pass thank u

  186. Drew_draws says:

    Can I have a free vip for a year plz !

  187. Kaity says:

    Any one

  188. Trey says:

    Aye everyone add me on MSP. My user is TreyKillemBandz

  189. Rhyleigh says:

    Movie Star Planet Usernames,
    Why ask for people’s passwords or usernames? Create one yourself. It’s almost like
    you are too lazy to just make one. If you want to experience the joy of being VIP, buy it yourself. If they paid for it it’s their VIP. If they want to abandon their VIP account, let them. It’s their money. I strongly believe that giving away usernames along including
    passwords is a bad idea because they can figure your email address. because my father is a heritage manager for MSP, Movie Star Planet, he suggests that I don’t EVER share any information what so ever about anything of what sort. There are
    VERY powerful people out there that can hurt us in so many ways! Take a stand…don’t share passwords!

    ~Yours truly,

  190. Rhyleigh says:

    Here’s a hint,
    Hello, Pumpchkin here! MSP is such a great game without the drama or disadvantages of being scammed by a hacker. My father helps maintain MSP so yeah!

  191. Rhyleigh says:

    Hey it’s Pumpchkin!
    Here are some of my accounts for those of you who want to give me gifts and stuff for a chance to win my actual Pumpchkin account!…here they are…
    Cute Stuff.
    give lots of stuff to Lollibop242! she is a starter kinda


  192. Kim says:

    Hey please somebody give a REAL working account, can I have a vip account my name is lightwind on msp message me on it if you have a unwanted vip acc ty

  193. caden says:

    Are y’all giving away accs

  194. anthony says:

    why cant they just have a thing where you can try it for free like for a week or somthing

  195. hollie says:

    please if anyone knows a vip hack no survey or download or any of that stuff pls give it to jadybaby222 on msp and also say if u know or have any accounts (that are vip or have loads of sc and diamonds on and gorgeouse stuff) pls pls pls tell me i beg you 🙂 !!!

  196. Charlie says:

    Any uk msp accs please.

  197. ellie says:

    i have why u whant it u can if u whant

  198. afs says:

    add me my username is vip 2456
    i have another account which i migt or i might not tell u
    the username is Anisa12378
    password is 007083eriore
    i know it is not a good account

  199. afs says:

    any1 got a vip account that i can use its been 10 years ive been waiting now i am 19 lol

  200. greece says:

    does anyone want to give me their old profile vip or not

  201. sasha says:

    can i get an account plzz

  202. talyor says:

    fukin don’t workkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  203. vivi says:

    use:swaglove7878 pas:swaglove7979

  204. Is there a way to get free vip on my acc? message me on msp if u can tell me how – Gamelover4890 is my useraname thx

  205. lillie says:

    hiyaaa x my user is called louise nicole add meh plz x im not vip,but im gonna be soon!

  206. cynthia says:

    I want VIP bad my acc I s on Canada roxybr so please if you want it I have to see yours she is on level 6

  207. MatildaTURNER says:

    Hey add me I’m called matildaTURNER699

  208. ertas says:

    username: back for you life
    password: back123

  209. destiney says:

    can i have a VIP acconount plzz

  210. trevor098 says:

    I wish I were vip elite I wish that pumpkin did something 🙁

  211. mikal says:

    Can u hack pumpchkin

  212. janny says:

    im not a vip but people who r can u help me??

    Username: dMnDZ LuVeR 123

    Password: gumball25

  213. amandacutie says:

    i have one user:coolgirlcomeingyourway and reply if u want the pass

  214. amandacutie says:

    hi I have a vip account tell me if u want it if u change the pass I will hack u

  215. Kayla says:

    nobody add SNYT she hacks

  216. allexandria says:

    user:LexiiBugg pass:allex20

  217. Hi says:

    I have a free account, Pumpi9389
    PW: 873872PUMPCHKIN


  218. Hi says:

    I have !! CANDY !! PW!!! SHE IS YEAR VIP AND SHE LEVEL 30!!!!! USA MSP! I AM I<33train and I hacked her emaila and everything! Somone wanna take her stuff? Her pw is triplesundae54

  219. Kierra923 says:

    mine is k923 USA

  220. Taygo123 says:

    Can I have a VIP cuz every other thing does not work

  221. colorblossom34567 says:

    can anyone give me a website so i can record my screen?
    my user: colorblossom34567
    pls add me msp users.

  222. HANNAH J says:

    what ir pumpchkin’s password i want thsat or a vip account im bluejay8383

  223. hi can i have a free VIP acc

  224. marioo says:

    How Does it Work?

  225. bridget says:

    girligirl99 and need vip money and more clothes been working on my acount for a fricken long time

  226. bella says:

    Can you please give me vip i always wanted vip so please support!OHHH my username kittyhot101

  227. sophie says:

    don’t add candied and ishacool if u go on there

  228. Adison Lockheart says:

    I REALLY want VIP ive been waiting for 5 years im now 10 and my mom payed for my cousin VIP on this game called Meez but aint get me VIP and she being lazy and i really want VIP so whoever can get me VIP ill giv them a HUGE gift back i Swear i Promise

  229. Emily says:

    if you give me a VIP account ill trade you a VIP account. she has ELITE VIP, i was going to delete her but i didn’t, my friend told me this website and i tryed it, Thank you so much if you tell me it and ill trade 1 back. i just want another VIP account besides the one i already have, i just want to start a new life, Please :s Tysm Guys! :*

  230. ashlynn says:

    can I please have a account it is my birthday if u make it can it be a girl

  231. rebecca says:

    someone plz give me a vip acount send to my email plz i will be your friends ok thank you.

  232. saphfara says:

    need a account

  233. Charity says:

    I have 17 VIP accounts for moviestar planet which include Kylee_Kardash Vivi Giovanni and Cute Stuff. I have 8 boys and 9 girls that are VIP if you want one of the VIPs message me on moviestarplanet at Lollibop242. Thanks! If you want to know more of the accounts like the boys, message me on msp 🙂 I will tell you your account tell me if you like it and then ill tell you what you have to do to have one (it’s at no charge) just moviestar planet favors 🙂 Lucky you to have seen this great offer! My daughters have put lots of their allowance into this so take good care of them! Have Fun!

  234. neeku says:

    I NEED VIP!!!11111111

  235. jasmine says:

    hi.i can get u free vip!just message my msp user Something Something 123

  236. ella says:

    my username on msp is chevic5

  237. Beauty48 says:

    Someone message me a VIP girl account please, my username is Beauty48

  238. chloe says:

    Dose anyone want VIP forever I no a hack forever does enyone want it for free text me xyazzix

  239. lucy says:

    I don’t know if why u cant get vip, is cause parents wont buy or too much money, but my parents didn’t want to give card details out online just in case. Ive got a android tablet and I found google play cards for £10, £25 and £50.(google play cards are like gift cards u buy them in shops) I went on to the msp app and got vip!!! idk if it solves your problem srry if it doesn’t!

  240. xPeaceNinja says:

    Hi I have a youtube account I give away MSP accounts here’s one: User is- Haters Gonna H8 Password is- divam0nster

  241. Split Tense is my MSp says:

    I want VIP bad please

  242. anna says:

    I have a acc her name is pumpi I hacked her shh her pass is pumpisaloser1000

  243. pritty says:


  244. khadijah123 says:

    i have got some accs…
    here they are
    username: daisyrose56
    Password: vampire56
    this 1 might not work
    username: katelyn xoxo
    password: lame123

    username: lol12799
    password: lame123

    username: orangegril09
    password: pop09lol

  245. Megan says:

    hey guys does anyone have an account i could have <3 thx so much if soo

  246. Brianna says:

    you guys can friend me. I am katniss//everdeen/hungergames and I am level 15

  247. crystal765 says:


    vip gone was vip so like!

  248. sara says:

    can someone gave a vip acount plz

  249. lindsey rios says:

    can i have an account

  250. ehhh says:

    I have a VIP account, just give PeaceCream (my cousin) WL, Rares, and gifts, etc., than i will tell u guys the account username and password

  251. jimena says:

    sasha i will get you vip im on level 12 i can get you high its july 5 after my comment none heres you what is it
    u pass

  252. perf_mwha says:

    i have a VIP she has been vip 3 times right now this is her 4 time being vip i just got it yesterday so she has three months and she is lvl 16 she is a judge and a celeb

  253. Carloyn Wood says:

    hey peps im going to give away a level 16 acc named cutiepeacemaker but shes on ca. msp so message my real acc no bullying please2 and ill give you a deal 🙂 see yah!

  254. katie says:

    Please can i have a vip, im really desperate been waiting for 5 years. pleeeeaaaassssseeee email to me :,(

  255. tiffany says:

    I need a vip please give me an account

  256. angrymspuser says:

    oh my god!
    seriously…when people put their accounts up, its for everybody to use, not just one person! why does everybody feel the need to change the passwords?! its so selfish!
    ~ angrymspuser

  257. cate says:

    have a free account. user:purplepower!1403 pass:purple1403 change pass whatever. doesnt have lots of clothes, so…..

  258. Tiffany says:

    all of these don’t wok please give me one that does

  259. keith says:

    i need a acount

  260. aimee says:

    can i have a vip account plz

  261. Maddie says:

    Pass:msp123 (Irishy msp)

  262. Maddie says:

    Pass:leah123 (Uk msp, really works)

  263. Can I please have a good or a VIP account?!?! Please msg me on msp my name is Speck101

  264. Elizabeth says:

    Can someone give me a VIP account??? I have to wait a week to see if I am getting Elite VIP for a year on my account. If I do get my year then I’ll give you back your account.

  265. double11 says:

    is anyone here on nz msp

  266. Shae says:

    Username:Moonm Password: Moonm

  267. mcfall56 says:

    Hey guys I have 3 V.I.P accounts and I am giving them to some people that friends me on MSP my username is mcfall56 and I’m still getting her a VIP on my birthday

  268. jessica says:

    free account
    username: beautiful me 122

  269. leslie says:

    -Hello there,I’m giving Free MSP Account’s –


  270. leslie says:

    Here are some accounts…..

  271. leslie says:

    User Name Fashionb!tch101
    Password 123fashion

  272. leslie says:

    User Name EMOCUTIE101
    Password 123emobabe

  273. leslie says:

    Hello there beautiful people,today I’m going to give out 1 YEAR VIP so please put your user name and password 🙂 I won’t hack. Only giving it to 4 people.So hurry before people get it….


  274. leslie says:

    If u need 1 year VIP message me on MSP I’m 24 years old and I’m only giving it to 4 people

    *ONLY MSP*

  275. leslie says:

    My user name is #MSP VIP HELPER

  276. brandi says:

    I really want free VIP so baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaddd why cant my mom jus buy me it 🙁

  277. leslie says:

    My user: ilovesoccer2134


    im in lvl 26 VIP for 1 Year and i have 297,366 sc and i have 294 diamonds

  278. jessie says:

    i dont have an account can i please have a vip one

  279. zay says:

    Please can I have an account that is vip and a high level and has loads of starxoins and diamonds! Please I always wanted one guys please?!

  280. mspiscool says:

    add me i’m pink girl116 i use to be a vip but i’m getting another 1 😉

  281. Monica says:

    I need to know how to get to make a account!!

  282. emma claire says:

    Hey! If you guys really want free vip u should ask a gurl named $beautiful emo$. She got me vip and its awesome!

  283. cindy says:

    please i need starcoins and diamonds and i realy want VIP for at least for 1 year please my user is : cindyt33

  284. shayna says:

    I need a VIP account because I tried it twice and it didn’t work. I can’t believe people waste their VIP accounts and not think of giving it to others.

  285. nonn of u bizqwajks says:

    hi guys im v i p im on uk though my name is rohan11111111 i didnt be lazy iw aited and waited heres a tip say u got like a=grandad or somebody you h8 like who dosent know much bat internet webs just say to them ohhh uncle can u plz put uoure paypal bits in theyrll do it and yuoll have t give em nothing

  286. chloe says:

    User cerys 9000
    Pass gabby1 can’t pas

  287. sara says:

    ik wil een vip acc plaes ik koop e niks alleen vezamelen als je een acc hebt stuur mij op msp mijn naam is = lol man 2014

  288. cat says:

    You want a real account well here it is
    i hope i helped you all
    and punchkin it a level 46 on fame 28847 coins and 4 pets email me if any problems
    they should be none i do check on them ever once in awhile please no hacking i am sharing my msp vip you should not take over it i need some one to take care of them isf you want to take care of them email and i will give you the passwords and tell me what one you want and if you want a msp you do have to pay $5 dollars for me to make you one with vip but that ios not a lot so if ou want on of my old ones email me and if you want one that cost $5 that has a vip email me at ( both same email )

  289. Joanna says:

    here is an account for starters yes you may change the password!!! sorry no VIP

    USER: katiebaby5
    PASSWORD: starcoin1


  290. hailey says:

    pleaze any vip peep give me a pass word
    my name cup cake XD DX

  291. Im not gonna lie im not one of those beggers saying I was on msp scince I was like 5 msp was made around 2010 it wasn’t made too many years ago it was just like a few or more years I just want VIP for like atleast for a month or something I really don’t care ive been on msp for 3 years so far and when I was VIP it was really fun I just want that chance back. Not bring rude. :p

  292. Ur New BFF says:

    Nothing has worked for me. I’m not a vip, but I have a cheat that gets me clothes, money, and fame. My user is: im awesome and u no it (woot) if u want to no the cheat I will give u full instructions on how to get style and money and fame :p super easy and free!!!! Hope to hear from some of u! 😀

  293. Josalyn says:

    ppl I have been on this web a lot i’ve written down every VIP account none of them work BTW I’m I’mmomm cool and you no it [lolz] on map 😀

  294. pomade says:

    please i need a way to hack msp

  295. corina says:

    I WANT VIP so bad and my mom and dad will not let me sadly but I want VIP please on uk dat is what I play on >.<-I WANT VIP!!!

  296. rozez646 says:

    can i have an account

  297. kayla says:

    Can i have a account that has vip on the account

  298. kayla says:

    can i have a account

  299. dramaticpenguin says:

    hi please can i have a VIP someone pleeeease??????? My user is dramaticpenguin so send me a message if yore willing to give me/share a vip account (ps if we share accounts im super good at getting fame bc i play and win the quiz game a lot!!)

  300. mel says:

    i need vip that’s a girl

  301. sandra says:

    can you do for me level maximal which is in msp but i’m use polish msp

  302. Anonymous says:

    Can u give a gift to backupuser18007

  303. Jasmine says:

    PLZ GIVE MEH MEMBERSHIP USER:Cutiegirl143 PASS:143janelle

  304. jaiden says:

    my user is ladyvain no caps no space and password is hope123 no caps or space

  305. zara says:

    summer marie 123 pass summeriscute123 msp account it works

  306. nasna12345 says:

    who wants free vip
    on msp

  307. jane says:

    I really need v.i.p Im tired of people calling me a noob its making me sad and i want to show them im not a lame
    🙁 shit people call me dumb noob ugly noob thats why i need v.i.p

  308. jonesha says:

    hey guys this is my acc im vip my user is xXxminibarbiexXx pass is minibarbie1 enjoy u can also change pass

  309. Amy says:

    I. Wish I had vip I’ve been on this since msp first came out I was 1level over candired then she got vip -.- but I deleted that acc and did a knew start I will do anything to get vip :'( add me flossy72 ;-;

  310. I NEED A VIP ACCOUNT NOW PEEPS! ! ! ! ! !! ! ! ! says:


  311. Shadow says:

    i want vip for my first acc that i creat so i want vip rally bad give it to or else i call some one to shut u down ok?!

  312. Dalton says:

    please get me vip my user is DaltonMenz45 First AnD Last Name Dalton Campbell I WANT VIP BAD

  313. msp hotboy says:

    my user name !!!!hotboy!!!! password tree12345 its not a vip but has loads of clothes for a level 7 its a boy on ireland msp i dont need it anymore

  314. who wants a vip level 13 girl account! for 2 rare accounts please reply to me if u like the deal

  315. Rabecca says:

    Account Giveaway :
    Name : Crazy5566
    The First Person That Gets It Can Change The Pass And Keep It , I Had VIP For A Week So I Have VIP Items
    Pass : rhiannon02
    Oh And 1 Last Tip , Its A Capial C For Crazy
    Have Fun !

  316. Rabecca says:

    USERNAME : Crazy5566
    PASS : rrhiannon02
    used 2 be a vip so i have vip stuff , im on UK

  317. bisharo says:

    i want a vip plz

  318. bisharo says:

    i done it for you can i have it

  319. Alice says:

    Does anyone no the new hack tool for msp the one where u get unlimited sc diamonds and vip if so can u get it for me my username is chevic5

  320. dfg says:

    cann i have an acount please

  321. Hailey girl says:

    Teasha3 password: britt942001
    Averycookie123456 password:britt942001

  322. Sami ^_^ says:

    Can some one please give one of my accounts VIP? I’ve never experienced VIP before ;A; …. Users are avrillavigneLOL and iiRandomHatz

  323. someone says:

    if you need an account here you go
    USER:celeste00 PASS:roussel1 GENDER: girl

  324. Ulla says:

    Hey, can someone please make me vip? my username is puffer fish.

  325. Emily says:

    PLEASE can i have a vip acc i started when i was 8 and i have been waiting for 6 years please someone send me an email with is so nobody can take it and plz can it have a LOT of diamonds a LOT of sc and have only just got vip

  326. Teisa says:

    I have one User: SuperJessica12 and the pass is STOPHACKINGHACKERS

  327. Bia says:

    hey made an acc for anybody
    Username: VampierMermaid60
    Password: chey123
    Rules: do not recycle others clothes
    if u spend money try to recover it ok
    last rule plz dont spend all the money on this acc

  328. Bia says:

    hey you guys need a acc that has vip
    plz make it be a girl any vip would be good besides a week ok
    do not post the name on here email it to me

  329. Shitty says:

    I need a use man

  330. ///starr/// says:

    user =stargirl= password 123e123 works 🙂 welcome and add me on msp ///starr///

  331. ellagoulty says:

    name; ellagoulty123 pass;adzd123

  332. br says:

    i really want an vip account plz plz plz or i want 99,000 starcoins and 99,000 diamonds! user is lovergirl 1027!

  333. Lilac says:

    username:Miss Filly password:MissBitchy

  334. Emily says:

    Can I have an a account plz I never had one

  335. Jazmin says:

    guys, being VIP is not as great as you think. everyone calls you mean,uses you, and ask for everything. im sooooo glad mine is ending today. I ended up hating being vip

  336. EhsanDaBoss says:

    Hey i Have A Level 61 Account And I Want To Quit Msp So I Will Give it To The First Person

  337. Cassidy says:

    I just got VIP on the iPad and then when my sister got it on the mini iPad and I didn’t work!

  338. ashley rocks says:

    name: ishacool
    pass: lilyishacool11

  339. railey msp says:

    im a vip on irish msp maybe im quiting and i will post my password here if im so my user is railey she vip level 15 i have loads of starcoins and clothes so yeah add me railey

  340. railey msp says:

    so im a vip in ireland msp i might give my account mine is level 15 my username railey not telling password yet 😛 and reply me 🙂 for one of my accounts

  341. pumpchkin says:

    Hey Guys! It’s
    I’m Giving away a level
    23 ACCOUNT! Vip for a year too!
    If you want it, message one of my bffs
    in real life. Her name is:
    I need your password for this.
    I’m on the very TOP of the score board!
    If you message her, you’ll be featured in a
    movie of mine! 😀
    ILY Guys!
    My Little Porters Are Always Here For Me!~
    🙂 ♥

  342. jodie says:

    i need a vip fast asap

  343. Mia says:

    Does anyone have a VIP account 4 me or a used to be a VIP account? Ifi so, please share.

  344. ali says:

    i want vip so bad i will give u my account user:ali34974
    pass:starwars2 plz dont change my password if u do then i wont give u anymore accounts

  345. brisa says:

    may I plz have a account ill DO ANNY THING SERIOUSLY I WOULD ANNNNNY THING ps my current acc is fairy gest if g ive me an acc ill give mine awway 😀

  346. jade says:

    User:Trinity loves u 65

  347. not saying says:

    Hi my name is well actually im not telling you my name but anyway i am giving away my account i have been useing it for about maybe 2 years now but i was off for most of it i no longer have any use for it anymore i am a celeb on it get atleast 500 starcoins every day have friends on like all the time and get lots of gifts and autos from them and have many clothes and am turning level 13 soon my user name is

    User: im the cutest girl in msp
    password: ilovediamondsandstarcoins123456789

    sry that i made my password so long it was just to make sure was not going b hack i hope you guys like this account 🙂 i worked very hard on it so in joy 😀

  348. katie says:

    I have a 46 lvl one vip

  349. Bruce says:

    Please can you guys add me on moviestarplanet my name xx awesome xx

    • Bruce says:

      Please someone add and I’m giving away my account to a VIP boy and he’s so cool he always give me greets eh game 100 greets and he was 9years VIP and that’s so cool and love him so much now I have 1million starcoins and it’s my first time having that much starcoin thx my friend…….

  350. chelsea says:

    clearly someone changed the password cuz i tryed it and didnt work

  351. Louisa Hereward says:

    Can I have a vip cheat or a vip account please

  352. queenDIVA1# says:

    Need a vip cheat

  353. Yara says:

    I have one it is user name: Loura777 password :only771 I swear it is real and guys look if it didn’t work that means you didn’t change the flag to canada flag okay READ ALL

  354. France says:

    if you want a VIP account add AngelinaCouric and get me something off my wishlist then i will choose a lucky friend and you get the account! good luck

  355. France says:

    Hello i am AngelinaCouric im giving away my account which was VIP and if you want it then add me on US MSP then add me my user is AngelinaCouric and if you want it you have to give me a wish list and get a chance and one lucky friend will get it!

  356. e1gal says:

    Please iv been waiting a lonnnnnnnng time

  357. Emma101703 says:

    Please, email me ur pass and user so I can make u vip, maybe not for a year but vip!

  358. Amyok says:

    Anyone who wants to trade accounts with me I’m called tashrulez

  359. Amyok says:

    Hi guys, if anyone wants me to buy them VIP then fine but I’m not buying the year one lol its too dear! Just email me your user and pass and I’ll buy you the VIP as long as I get something in return:)

  360. issie says:

    I have my account its izzywizzywooxox im level 48 and its vip

  361. issie says:

    Im izzywizzywooxox my youtube is mrscupcakelovex subscribe to me plz and message on my offer account !Bellaz! Your name and get a shout out on youtube

  362. pumpchkin my passs is lucy135 and my user is kittywow2220

  363. leah says:

    Can someone help me plz I have done loads of cheat non of them have worked all I would like is to be vip 🙁

  364. leah says:

    Can someone help me be vip I have tried everything but it has never worked it will mean everything thing to me

  365. emily says:

    can i have an account!!!????

  366. FAYFA says:


  367. Alli says:

    I Need a Vip Acc, I’ve waited for 7 Years but my parents say no.

  368. Aniyah says:

    I really want a VIP

  369. Aniyah says:

    Can someone give me a free VIP my user name is lexvilleny my password ani123

  370. meagan says:

    didnt work for me :'(

  371. katy says:

    I rlly want a vip account!

  372. leemasters says:

    ive been playing msp for 5 and im now 10 my mum wont even give me the vip for my b-day or christmas man shes mean HELP ME MSP!!

  373. Bla says:

    I need a vip account

  374. christine says:

    can i have a account

  375. Renee Reedy says:

    someone email me a vip user plzz i really need one

  376. shivani says:

    I want a VIP account so badly message me on msp your username and password my username is @my ch!lds x

  377. kotryna says:

    i will give some one an awesome account if they give me a V.I.P one promise?

  378. Terra says:

    Ok I really need a vip account for 2014 please!!! I am not vip anymore for my 2 accounts! All your doing is giving information not actually showing us WHY WONT U GIVE

  379. ashlyn says:

    PLEASE make me a v.i.p account PLEASE

  380. zeta baby says:

    can someone kik me there unused msp vip plz my kik is zeta_kai add me nd message me there user nd pass plz im hopeless nd desperate

  381. i feel sad every were i go people have vip can i plz have vip

  382. Jakeyy says:

    Can I hav a VIP acc

  383. lily says:

    i need a account iv only got one
    but i want a vip account:(:(:(:(:((:(

  384. not telling says:

    why do u guys even want VIP ? its just a waste of money !!! once your VIP ends what r u gonna do then ????!!!!

  385. summer2220 says:

    hey i wanted you to know my password is for sale for i greet and yes i will give you my vip user but msg my non vip user witch is summer2220

  386. Kat says:

    username: why you gotta be so rude66
    password: mymomsaidno8

  387. can anyone give me their account plz! ill need your name and password i waited 3 months please give your account to me ^_^

  388. pumpchkin says:

    stop talking about me and nobody knows my password and pumpchkin is not my real name it is my middle name

  389. jell says:

    can someone give me an acc plz message me on msp my name is jennay101

  390. Janice says:

    I have been vip but… i am not giving it away and you people should not hack others that is just cruel people want there own user but me and my friend on msp go on each others accounts and she was and is getting vip again andi do NOT take her account so… do NOT hack!!!!!

  391. andison says:

    username:little miss ishacool101

  392. i want to be a vip member plz plz plz

  393. Alyssa says:

    user: bluejay290


  394. maddie says:

    On the app movie star planet HD my user is
    Need VIP first so if you want my normal account tell me your VIP account user and password tell me on instagram at maddi_eni bye.

  395. Zerr says:

    anyone wanna trade accounts, ive got an account that used to be vip and dont know wutta do wit it.

  396. Skylar says:

    Hey! I visited plenty of websites but none of the logins worked. I guess they’ve changed the pass codes. Does anyone have an extra acc?

  397. AZARIAH says:


  398. jade says:

    I need one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  399. paul jackson says:

    username: joseph allen
    password: sibbarp07
    it´s swedish

  400. CoD SsUnDeE says:

    why wont some give me a account wit vip on it

  401. mine is cute guy u ever saw 360 can u give me a password so i can have a V.I.P account

  402. My acc is Xxxkenziexx pass 123abc she is VIP with tons of hair and clothes

  403. chloe says:

    i relly need a free vip is there eny other cheats

  404. leann says:

    i need helP pls i want vip my msp is emo girl i been waiting for 5 yers

  405. Kacey says:

    ok i got a account its a good one user XxCrystalxX6 pass HassellWoolford

  406. Kacey says:

    ok need acc guys i got one for u XxCrystalxX6 pass is HassellWoolford8

  407. Kacey says:

    i swear thats right
    i cross my heat ok?

  408. Kacey says:

    and shes lvl 6

  409. i um can i have a vip account any level ^,.,^ can i have it my name is cutegurl883 lv 13 6 pets you can add me ^,.,^ thx

  410. kelly says:

    I want vip there my user is bery$waggirl pass is a1b2c3d4e5f6g7h8i9

  411. korryn says:

    can some one trade accounts with me? plz

  412. korryn says:

    if u want a free vip tell me i know how, message me, my user is chicken little soup 11 so message me your pass and i will make you one

  413. yaaoo says:

    It worked for me, I have a V.I.P. for a year now.

    User: ghghgh2

    Pass: hjyu12345

  414. FabKitty says:

    Who has a VIP account I can use? Mine just got hacked D’:

  415. FabKitty says:

    Anyone have a VIP account?????

  416. FabKitty says:

    Anyone have a VIP account? Mine got hacked D’:

  417. Alex says:

    I have a account I don’t want… It’s level 10 but not vip.. If anyone wants it my user: XAlexBooX and my password: porty1

  418. Daisy says:

    Whoever needs vip talk to me on piinkpompom one time I made cutielilyxx5 VIP ask if u dont belive me 2 times now cus she trusts me plus I used 2 b VIP u can even tell by da clothes VIP clothes diamond cloths so first 1 2 ask gets VIP Piinkpompom

  419. Adeline says:

    These comments. . .

    Some of these comments are getting too annoying and very stupid. People keep creating fake stories about how they will “die” if they do not get VIP. Some kids are even giving away their username and password thinking someone will give them VIP for free.

    There is nobody sane left on this website. Could someone PLEASE monitor these comments so rabid young kids don’t start massive raging cryings when their account is locked even when they had given their username and password to someone ONLINE. Oh wait- that has already started.

    This seems “lame” and so many people are going to get mad at me now, but I DON’T CARE.

    JUST PLEASE. MY MIND WENT NUTS READING SOME OF THESE COMMENTS. Although, I felt somewhat better for myself…

    Also, some of these comments WERE decent, it is just the majority was very rabid!

  420. Leah Hunter says:

    I had a vip but then i got hckd good thing i got my email. Now PLEASE!!!! anyone
    give me three accounts. im doing a MSP account challenge. friend me on msp and check out my artbook. My use is savanna sunshine77.

  421. 123ishe(msp) says:

    i have a user u can borrow vip 1 year and its called THEGAL92 pass:violet5

  422. Inna says:

    Can I have someone account ;-;
    plz and I am a girl

  423. emily says:

    need vip im the only one on lvl 8 out of my friends

  424. Totoro says:

    please can someone give me a vip acc or make me vip!!!!!!!! pleeeeeeease!!!!!!!! ill do anything except give my password!!!!! please!!!!!!!!!! ill do anytthing! my username is mnjhmnjh please can i have vip!!!!!!!!!!! oh and add me as well.

  425. crystal says:

    hi everyone whoever wants a non-vip account text me on this username-crissi 100
    because i have 100 non-vip users and i have 5 vip accounts

  426. crazzypanda says:

    if u want my vip acc pamsypanda just look after it

  427. Marlen says:

    mine is : tabbcat
    if you want it email me. Ill give you the password

  428. Yuki says:

    Can i have a account? PLEASEEE just tell me your name on msp then i will add u then ill like trade something COOL to u. I promise so CAN I PLEASE HAVE A VIP ACCOUNT?

  429. amy rose says:

    can i have a account?

  430. amy rose says:

    can you give me vip?
    my name is amy rose love

  431. igotsswag44 says:

    i really need a vip can you get me one

  432. Luuxy MSP says:

    Hi guys 🙂 I have an accoun for you called Luuxy, check her out. I recently lost the VIP for her and did host a giveaway to give her VIP gongs away and stuff…but even though most of her stuff are now gone, she’s still for free to you! 😀 check her out and tell me if u would like to have her! Thanks hope to hear from some of you 🙂 BTW she’s famous

  433. zoe says:

    Can I please have a VIP for 12 month acount please?

  434. Msp acc giveaway says:

    Hiya guys, I am giving away a boy account and a girl account. The girl account is on Msp England and is called RosyRed46. The boy account is on map England and is called >Malachi<. Neither are vip but the girl is on level 9 and the boy is on level 3.
    ~Yours sincerely, Anonymous. (Not the MovieStarPlanet hacker, I just wouldn't want to giveaway any personal information)

  435. Zoe says:

    Can someone please give a 12 month VIP MSP acount?

  436. Maria says:

    I need a VIP account pls.

  437. zoe says:

    Can someone please give me a I year ELITE VIP acount ill do anoyhing!!

  438. cheyenne says:

    user: shineykinz
    Pass: ccupcake123561099

  439. sarah says:

    ill do it since im always getting vip

  440. Ness says:

    Username: color full but not
    Password: ladybug12

  441. meggyboo says:

    I hav a profile

    username: kate is cool ROCKS

    password: lilop1