What to do When Cyberbullied on Movie Star Planet

At mspcheatsblog, we want to tell you what you need to do if you are cyberbullied on Movie Star Planet. Not only do children need to know what to do if cyberbullying happens, but parents need to know what to do as well, and need to teach their children about the issue. While every attempt is made to prevent this, it is just often times part of being online, and you need to know how to handle it in order to ensure it does not cause serious problems.

The first thing that your child needs to do and you need to teach them to do is simply not respond to the cyberbullying. You should never respond when harassment or bullying happens because this makes people more likely to keep doing it.

You want to make sure your child knows to learn how to report the player on Movie Star Planet, you can block the player too as well, but make sure to report them. If the person is reported then you will likely see that they end up banned and it also stops other plays from going through the same thing.

You also can create a whole new user, but it would mean losing all of your information. If things are bad enough and you feel unsafe, you always can change your username. The bad part is that you often lose all information tied to that account if you delete it and open another. You can contact Movie Star Planet staff to see if they could help change it for you so that you do not lose everything.

Keep all personal information off the site, which can help prevent the harassment and bullying from escalating into a real life serious situation.

You also want to make sure that you tell your child to keep all of the chats and to screen shot everything relating to the harassment, just in case it evolves to the point if getting law enforcement involved.

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