New Fame Levels Added to Moviestarplanet

So today I logged in and noticed that there has been an update to the fame levels in MSP!  I got this popup message saying that there were new fame levels added and now there are even more ways to earn fame!


Just click on the “Claim” button to get more fame!  When I clicked it, I got all the way up to level 3 on one of my accounts!  The only thing was that they didn’t say what the new ways to earn fame were…

From what I’ve heard, this fame update is for everyone and some people have even moved up 5 levels!  What do you think of this new update?

  1. Hi my name on moviestar planet is swagitoutgirl2003 and the same thing happend to me I was so happy add me!!!

  2. I am now level 9 😀

  3. i some how prefere the old way


  5. I’m better than all ya people

  6. yeah i was level 6 i went all the way to level 11!!!

  7. ♥☻

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