MovieStarPlanet Fame Cheats and How To Tips

The amount of fame points you have on Moviestarplanet determines your level and how famous you are.  The more fame points you get, the more famous you are.  Fame points take time to earn though.  They can be earned by playing games and sharing your videos with other players.  Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a faster way to earn fame on MSP?


Well there is.  Below, I’ll be listing some how to tips to get more fame on Moviestarplanet and some cheats too!  The tips will help you earn more points with ways you may not have thought of before.  Here are some good ways to get fame points and increase your level faster.

  • Play games to earn fame points.  The better you do in the game, the more fame points you earn.  This may seem obvious to some, but a lot of Moviestarplanet players forget how many fame points you can earn by doing this!
  • Make short videos and ask your friends and other msp players to watch them.  You will earn fame every time someone watches your video and the watcher will earn starcoins for watching it, everyone wins!  Just remember to make your videos short and good quality so other players will want to watch them.
  • Make different looks to share with people.  Other Moviestarplanet players can rate and use your looks if they like them!  The more people that like your outfits and looks, the more fame you’ll get!
  • Ask other players to give you autographs.  The higher level they are, the more fame you’ll earn from getting their autograph.  VIP members can give autos every 15 minutes so they will probably be more willing to give you an autograph if you ask nicely.

So there are some tips for how to earn more fame on MSP.  If you know of any cheats that actually work, feel free to leave them in the comments!  I’ll try to keep this page updated whenever I find new Moviestarplanet cheats!

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