Moviestarplanet 2

There have been a lot of people wondering about the state of MovieStarPlanet 2. MovieStarPlanet 2 would be the second version of the popular game MovieStarPlanet, which is an online virtual world for children.

While we are not sure yet about MovieStarPlanet 2, there are several possible directions that the second version of the game could go. Here are a few of our thoughts on the upcoming possible features in MovieStarPlanet 2.

MovieStarPlanet 2 Game Possibilities

New Gold Bar Currency

One of the possibilities we might see in MovieStarPlanet 2 is new currency, which could be gold bars. Right now, there are Diamonds and StarCoins in the game. The Diamonds are the premium currency, which you can only get regularly if you are a paid member to the game. They can also be purchased through the game itself or won through a contest.

StarCoins are the typical currency in MovieStarPlanet, but we might see something new with MovieStarPlanet 2. There is the possibility that MovieStarPlanet 2 will contain gold bars, which are one of the most valuable real-life currencies out there.

This would be possible because MovieStarPlanet 2 is all about being famous. If you are famous you will have a lot of money, and gold bars are often a good choice for investing if you are rich.

VR Aspects

The virtual reality game genre is super hot right now, and we think MovieStarPlanet 2 is likely to contain some virtual reality elements. Currently, the game is pretty basic in terms of it being an online virtual world where you have your avatar and you can dress it up.

In the new MovieStarPlanet 2 though, we think there might be some virtual reality elements that would enhance the gaming experience. Could you imagine being able to make a movie with the ability to see your world in all directions? The virtual reality element could also be found in the games, such as trotting down the runway during a fashion show.

The virtual reality aspects could set MovieStarPlanet 2 apart from the original and set it apart from similar online virtual worlds.

More Avatar Customization

In MovieStarPlanet 2, we also could be looking at more avatar customization. By this we mean a way to incorporate your real face into the game. While this is a game for children, we know that customization of the avatar is very important and improves the entertainment value.

Imagine being able to take a picture of yourself and then super-imposing the image onto the avatar? It could make it so that you really are the movie star, with your face, hair, and facial features being part of the game.

Voice Animations from Real Stars

It would also be cool if MovieStarPlanet 2 contained the actual voices of movie stars. Since you make movies in this game, the possibility of including famous lines from actors in various movies would be really cool. Imagine being able to incorporate a line from Ryan Gosling into your movie.

You also could include popular song lyrics into your movies, which is something that could be possible in the upcoming MovieStarPlanet 2.

While all of these are good ideas, it is more likely though, that the developer of MovieStarPlanet will just make huge improvements to the original MovieStarPlanet game. The ability to change up the original is easier and more interesting than to start over and make MovieStarPlanet 2.

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