How to Get Diamonds on Moviestarplanet?

What are MSP Diamonds?

Diamonds are another form of money on Moviestarplanet.  They are worth more than Starcoins and are also harder to get.  Diamonds can be spent on a variety of different items, features, and abilities.  Most of these special items can only be purchased with diamonds.


How to Get Diamonds in Moviestarplanet?

Diamonds are harder to get than Starcoins or fame in MSP.  Diamonds are usually only given to VIP members but there are a few other ways to get them too.  Read on to see the different ways to get diamonds on Moviestarplanet.

Get an MSP VIP Membership

Getting a VIP membership in MSP is one of the easiest and safest ways to guarantee that you get diamonds.  Each VIP membership comes with a certain amount of diamonds.  The longer membership you buy, the more diamonds you get.  If you can afford to buy a Moviestarplanet VIP membership, I would recommend it!


Win a MSP Movie Competition

Another way to get diamonds in MSP is by winning a movie competition.  Every two weeks, Moviestarplanet makes a new movie competition with a certain theme.  Create a movie that follows the guidelines of the competition then enter it into the contest for a chance to win!


The more of your friends you can get to watch and vote for your movie, the better chance you have of winning the competition.  First prize winner gets 2 weeks of VIP and 14 diamonds!  This isn’t nearly as many as you get with a membership, but it’s still a good way for non-VIP members to get diamonds.

Use a Moviestarplanet Diamond Generator

This is probably the riskiest way to get diamonds in MSP.  There are a variety of different diamond hacks or generators available online but it can be difficult to tell which ones are safe to use.  Some diamond generators may cause issues for your computer like viruses or other problems.

At this time, I dont know of any safe diamond generators that I would recommend to use.

What Can I Use MSP Diamonds For?

Now for the fun part, how you can spend your diamonds!  There are all kinds of cool features and items that can only be purchased with diamonds.  Here I’ll show you exactly what you can buy with your diamonds.

MSP Diamond Items

There is an entire section of the store that sells items that can only be purchased using diamonds.  If you’re looking to decorate your room with items that other players don’t have, check out the store for some of these items!


Moviestarplanet Diamond Animations

In addition to special diamond items, you can also purchase special animations for your movie star using diamonds.  There are tons of different animations to choose from!  Anything from riding a pony to climbing out of bed… Use these special animations to make your movies even more spectacular than before!


MSP Diamond Clothes

What would the diamond shop be without some special diamond clothes you can purchase?!  Pick from lots of different clothing items to truly set your self apart from other movie stars.  Show off your style with these limited diamond clothes!


Moviestarplanet Diamond Specials

Last but not least are the diamond specials.  These are some of my favorite things to spend diamonds on.  These specials allow you to do all kinds of cool things to your profile and show your friends!  Pick from the menu below to get these cool diamond specials.


Spin the Fame Wheel

The first diamond special option is to spin the Fame Wheel.  The Fame Wheel works just like the Starcoin wheel except you get fame when you spin it!  The Fame Wheel costs 4 diamonds per spin and is a great way to get fame quicker on MSP.


Write a Diamond Status

For the cost of one diamond, you can write a special diamond status.  For 20 seconds, your friends will see your status surrounded by sparkly diamonds like in the picture below.  It’s too bad that it only shows for 20 seconds because I think it looks really cool!


Go on a Shopping Spree

Are you looking to upgrade your wardrobe and spend some serious Starcoins at the shop?  Well the shopping spree diamond special may be for you!  It costs 25 diamonds and you get 50% off all Starcoin items at the store for the next hour!  This diamond special can save you tons of Starcoins if you’re looking to do a bit of shopping.


The Diamond Profile

I have a lot of people who ask “How do I get a diamond profile on MSP?”  Well here’s how.  You can spend 15 diamonds to have your profile look awesome and covered in diamonds for a whole week!  If you’re lookign to impress your friends or maybe a boyfriend or girlfriend, the diamond profile is sure to catch their eyes.


Grow Your Pet Instantly in Moviestarplanet

For 12 diamonds, you can skip the long growing process and grow your pet instantly!  That’s right, your pet will grow to full size for just 12 diamonds.


Change Your Pet in MSP

If you want to get a different pet then you can pay 6 diamonds to change it to whatever pet you want.  This is a good option if you’re looking to change things up!


Send a Special Diamond Greeting

For 15 diamonds, you can send a special diamond greeting to any of your friends!  Show your boyfriend or girlfriend how much you care with this nice message.  The best part is that you both get 2000 fame and 500 starcoins!  It pays to be generous!


These are just a few tips and guides for diamonds in Moviestarplanet.  If you have anything to add to the list or any questions, please feel free to comment!


  1. my daughters grandpa just got her a vip for a year on movie star planet she is 12 and she made one stupid mistake and they kicked her off forever how do i get them to let her get her account back cause we just spent 70$ for that vip

    • I would email Moviestarplanet directly and ask them to reinstate her account. Depending on the offense they may or may not give her back her account.

      • i would report msp and say i paid my money for msp so i want my vip and account and they should tex back giving you your account and your vip

        • I bought vip on my map but it doesnt appear plz help me 🙁

          • I bought msp VIP but it doesn’t appear plz help me 🙁

    • create a completely different account username and password I had that so I made one and in now a celeb.

  2. hi my name is Zoe I am 10 I just got to New Zealand and I found a online game called msp I would really like it if u plz tell me how to get free vip.

    plz comment

  3. I spent my $70 for elite vip but someone said I’m gonna report cause you VIP so I want my account back

    • then you report them before they do it to you and say this person is saying i took there account but i didn’t and they should have some kind of thing to show its yours like password or your email

  4. Tell em that you didn’t do anything and it’s a false report then they’ll get in trouble

  5. Guys…the money maker doesn’t work. The same picture was on the MSP app screen and the owners PURPOSELY typed in those numbers and they knew what it was. Try a little harder MSP cheats. -.-

  6. how do you get free diamonds

  7. How do you get the free damonds??

  8. Please, how do you get FREE diamonds?? I really want some…

    • You Go To MovieTown And Then Compititions (First Make A Movie) Then Publish It And If You Get 1st 2nd or 3rd Most watched Movie Then You Get Diamond And Free VIP 🙂 Be Safe 🙂 and Have Fun

  9. I need a vip free account how do i get one

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  11. i know how ive got one for u

  12. click dimond adder and vip adder right your password and user and how many dimonds and how long vip u want and it will come in five days and so will 99.9 coins

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  21. They banned me for life for saying “sorry i was wrong. Can you forgive me” and i had 2 years V.I.P, 50,000 starcoins and i had 950 diamonds and i was level 24!!!

  22. I agree with u maddie >.<

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